Patch 1.8 pour Europa Universalis IV : Art of War

28 octobre 2014 par Aymdef | Europa Universalis | Époque moderne - Guerre de Trente Ans | PC - Mac - Linux

Patch 1.8 pour Europa Universalis IV : Art of War

Ce jeudi, la sortie d'Art of War s'accompagnera d'un patch pour Europa Universalis IV. Certains des ajouts seront disponibles uniquement pour le DLC alors que d'autre seront gratuits notamment les 900 nouvelles provinces !

Retrouvez les Dev Diary de Art of War pour en apprendre plus sur les nouveautés :

Patchnote 1.8 :

Paid Features from Art of War

- It's now possible to declare a "support rebels"-war against a country that you're supporting rebels in.
- It's now possible to set an allied in war to prioritise sieging a specific province.
- It's now possible to set the military focus for your subjects to be Aggressive, Supportive or None, which changes what tactics they will use during war.
- You can now mothball fleets, which means they will cost less maintainance, but slowly detoriate in the port.
- You can now designate your vassal into a march They will no longer pay tax to you and you can't annex them, but they will get bonuses in warfare.
- It's now possible to use your subjects CB/Wargoals when declaring a war.
- Units with names edited by player are now tagged as custom-named, and will take priority when merging.
- Added Client States mechanics, where you can now create new custom vassals, decide their name, flag & color, and assign them territory as soon as you reach a certain tech level.
- You can now sell ships to other nations.
- It is now possible to transfer control of a province to someone you are allied with in a war.
- Added peace option "Give up claims" that forces the enemy to give up all their claims on you.
- Added peace option "War Reparations" that forces the enemy to pay a fraction of their income to you each month for 10 years.
- Added the possibility to upgrade fleets in one click if you can afford it.
- Garrisons can now sortie from their fortress against a besieging force.
- Added the option to abandon your foreign cores for a one-time prestige cost.
- Added abandon idea group functionality, where you can change your countries setup for the future.
- You can now toggle your fleets to let your allies & subjects load armies on them.
- The Holy Roman Empire now have a mechanics for internal religious wars, including leagues for Catholics and Protestants that fight over the faith of the Empire.
- Implemented a new Unit Builder, where you can build entire new armies or fleets in one click.
- Over 25 flavor events for playing in West Africa.
- 50 events related to the Thirty Years War.

Free stuff

- The map now have 45% more detail, adding over 900 new provinces, with the vast majority of them making sure the rest of the world is as detailed as Europe.
- Severe optimisations on the game, to have it run basically the same as 17 with all the new provinces and countries added
- Three new tradegoods added: Silk, Dyes & Tropical Wood
- Added Support for compressed save games.
- Rebels no longer revolt in individual provinces. Instead of revolt risk, provinces now have Unrest and each province belongs to a particular rebel faction. When provinces have unrest, that rebel faction will gain progress towards a revolt based on the amount of unrest, and will revolt in one or more consolidated armies upon progress hitting 100%.
- Accepting rebel demands is now always the same as rebels enforcing their demands.
- Provinces now have local autonomy. Local autonomy reduces the income, manpower, force limits, and trade power provided by a province, and also lowers the cost of taking that province in a peace dela. Local autonomy is gained on conquest. Local autonomy can now be reduced or increased every 30 years resulting in increased or lowered revolt risk.
- Overseas provinces now have a minimum autonomy of 75% instead of the 'distant overseas' penalty.
- All colonized provinces now have a minimum autonomy of 50%.
- The Protestant and Reformed religions now have Centers of Reformation in certain provinces that convert nearby Catholic provinces to their religion. Centers of Reformation are awarded to the country where the religion is founded and the first two other countries to convert to that faith, and replace the old province events that spread those religion. Centers of Reformation are removed if their province is converted to another faith.
- The College of Cardinals system has been replaced with a system where cardinals are based in provinces and new ones are created once per year in rich Catholic European provinces. Each Cardinal gives some Papal Influence which can either be spent on special 'Papal Actions' that grant bonuses and resources to your country, or invested towards becoming the Papal Controller when a new Pope is elected.
- The Supply and Demand pricing system has been replaced with a system where each resource has a base price that can be modified by various major events, such as the Triangle Trade driving up the price of slaves and the Grand Banks Fisheries lowering the price of fish.
- The tradenode setup have been severly overhauled, with lots of new tradenodes.
- Leader assignment has been improved Leaders that are already assigned will show up in the list of available leaders in other units Those leaders can be assigned to those units, which cause them to be removed from their old units