Patch 4.04 pour Citadels

10 février 2014 par Aymdef | Citadels | Les légendes arthuriennes | PC

Depuis que BIGMOON Studios a repris les commandes du développement, l'éditeur bitComposer espère enfin proposer une version stable de son jeu de stratégie Citadels. Le chemin risque encore d'être long mais voici un nouveau patch qui s'installe automatiquement via Steam.

Patchnotes 4.04 :

- Optimized Auto-Repair and Repair functionality. 
- Added building queue for peasants. Peasants will build multiple buildings. 
- Both campaigns should be working. 
- Fixed/Optimized quests. 
- Improved game physics. 
- Fixed leaks related to game sound which were causing game crashes. 
- Player bonuses should be all properly working. 
- Improved overall combat mechanics. 
- Fixed Siege units collisions while on movement, they won’t damage attacking units instantly anymore. 
- Fixed walls collision polys (Edge connections). 
- Siege towers are now working and implemented in-game. When units are deployed they don’t fall off the wall and can walk/fight on the walls. 
- Siege towers shouldn’t crash the game anymore. 
- Fighting on the walls shouldn’t crash the game anymore. 
- Ladder units are now working. When they climb a wall they dont fall off the wall and they become a knight and can walk/fight on the wall. 
- Trebuchet no longer gets stuck on build mode. 
- Fixed catapult and ballista fire rate. 
- Recalculated damage of ballistas and catapults. When ballistas and catapults are firing against non-buildings objects the damage is increased by 250% of the base damage. 
- Improved game UI. 
- Added mouse hovering info/selections when the player has a object selected already, this makes the game much more intuitive. 
- Changed slightly the peasant model for better in-game recognition/perception. 
- Changed the three main peasant action menu icons for better in-game recognition/perception. (Main buildings, resources buildings, 
- Adjusted mass and force applied to dynamic boulders. 
- When we have a selected group of units OR when we have a selected building in which there are peasants working on it, now we can select/focus a single unit of choice by clicking on the icon of that unit on the information window. 
- Improved pathfinding, mainly focused on impregnable fortress's, enemy wall invasion if wall's breached and enemy wall enemies detection/targeting and fighting. 
- Optimized Save/Load games. 
- Adjusted skirmish maps maximum population cap, now 499 maximum units (Game settings).