L'hiver est là sur War of the Roses

19 décembre 2012 par Aymdef | War of the Roses | Moyen-âge - La guerre des Roses | PC

L'hiver est là sur War of the Roses

On vous en parlait lundi, le nouveau contenu de War of the Roses est arrivé. Il se présente sous forme de patch. Si ce n'est déjà fait, vous devrez redémarrer votre jeu et mettre à jour votre client afin d'y accéder.

Voici ce qu'il propose, des nouveautés mais aussi des corrections de bugs :

  • New Levels:
    • The Battle of Wakefield, the downfall of the Duke of York at Sandal Castle.
    • The Battle of Towton, the largest and bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil.
  • New Armours:
    • Winter Mail Gamebeson
    • Thick Winter Hose
  • New Weapons:
    • Sword of Veneration at Christ's Mass
    • Rondell Dagger for Christ's Mass
  • New Helmets:
    • The Bear Helmet, a bascinet mounted with the skinnned head of bear. Comes with 11 fancy skin options!
    • The Chaperon, the most popular item of headwear in 15th century England. Comes with 11 fancy skin options!
  • New Overlays for almost all visors.
  • Head selection in character editor. You can select what face you want and what texture to use with that face on a per profile basis.
  • New female face "The Lady" added.
  • Added options in game play settings to client side disable the following hud elements:
    • Xp awards
    • Parry Indicator
    • Swing Indicator
    • Announcements
  • Made weapon wield buttons rebindable
  • New seasonal main menu screen.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed crash on pitched battle servers that have stood idle for a long time.
  • Fixed various localization and string errors.
  • Fixed what default coif is pre-selected for all helmets.
  • Various level collision fixes
  • Better error message when players can't join a server because it's lost connection to backend servers.
  • Fixed crash related to vote kicks.
  • Fixed not having wielded weapons when squad spawning with horse, lance and shield