Patch 1.05b pour Crusader Kings II

El Presidente
18 avril

Les patchs importants apportant généralement leurs petits soucis ou des petits oublis, le patch 1.05 de Crusader Kings sorti hier n'échappe par à la règle. Ce patch 1.05b vient ainsi les corriger. Comme son grand frère, vous pouvez le télécharger via le launcher du jeu, mais si vous le possédez sur la plateforme Steam, il s'installera automatiquement.

Patch note du Patch 1.05 :

  • Fixed a bug with all children getting the exact same education trait
  • The mouse wheel now works for scrolling in all windows again
  • Autopause on events in full screen mode now works again
  • AI: Made smarter about when to join Crusades/Jihads. Reduced "dogpiling".
  • MP: Fixed issue where the client was able to change starting date in the lobby, causing all kinds of issues
  • MP: Fixed an issue with being able to select dead characters from previous bookmarks
  • Fixed a bug with de jure assimilation of duchies when the king himself held counties in it
  • Fixed an issue with some plots where plotters did not get what they plotted for
  • Fixed an issue with war contribution scores turning negative and strange in huge, drawn-out wars
  • AI: Less keen on picking the 'Revoke Vassal Title' plot
  • Fixed an issue with the Weaken other Vassal plot where vassals at another level than you could plot against you
  • Assimilating duchies are now shown clearly on the map in the De Jure Kingdoms map mode
  • Title creation was possible when at war for independence, resulting in an inconclusive ending and you as "victorious"
  • Added some missing French and German translations
  • Fixed a bug with the DLC banner not updating correctly in the main screen
  • Corrected text color codes in the French translation
  • Fixed a bug with the wrong text shown in Crusades/Jihads against heretics