Patch 1.3.24532 pour Stronghold 3

El Presidente
11 novembre

Après le Patch 1.1.24196 et le Patch 1.2.24396, c'est au tour du Patch 1.3.24532 de venir corriger le jeu de stratégie Stronghold 3. Comme ses prédécesseurs, il se télécharge et s'installe automatiquement sur Steam. Pensez à redémarrer votre client Steam si ça ne le fait pas automatiquement.

Notes de mise à jour :

  • Added a possible fix for the ‘failed to initialise’ bug.
  • Fixed issue with units starting in a T-Pose when a map loads.
  • Fixed issues with troops walking through walls.
  • Fixed issue with man-at-arms being able to throw their spear through walls when directly ordered to attack someone behind the wall.
  • Fixed issue with ranged units twitching while attempting to target a unit that is out of line of sight.
  • Fixed issue with ranged units trying to melee targets that are initially out of line of sight instead of shooting them.
  • Fixed issue with ranged units not attacking enemies in range after losing their target due to him walking out of range.
  • Fixed various issues with walls (placing towers at tight angles).
  • Added "snap" wall placement. Hold down CTRL when adding a new section to an existing wall to either extend the wall straight or perpendicular to the existing wall.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to turn off all Chandler Workshops.
  • Fixed issue with engineers starting in a T-Pose when their equipment is first placed.
  • Fixed issue with peasant models sometimes appearing on top of iron/stone/farms and sometimes being attached to all of your troops.
  • Fixed issue that would cause trebuchets to break if interrupted while they pack/unpack.
  • Fixed issue with team colors where some appeared to be on the neutral team (white) after load.
  • Fixed issue with shadows showing open buildings rather than solid closed buildings.
  • Villagers will now visit the Inn from time to time.
  • Camera should no longer go below sea level.
  • The trebuchet has been re-added to A Glimmer of Hope (Military Campaign: Mission 11). Save games made before the patch will not feature the trebuchet.
  • Fixed Map Editor crash on exit.
  • Fixed issue with waterfalls duplicating themselves in the map editor after saving and reloading. Any user created maps with waterfalls will need to be re-saved in the map editor.
  • Fixed the hotkey shortcuts to select the player’s Lord (L) and to cycle the camera to enemy lords (SHIFT + L) to accurately find units belonging to the correct players. (Also applies to other camera/selection hotkeys).
  • Fixed Russian, Polish, and Czech text being cut off on some buttons.
  • The Windows setting for left-handed mice (left & right mouse buttons swapped) is now used in-game.