Patch 1.2.24396 pour Stronghold 3

El Presidente
4 novembre

Le nouveau patch est en ligne pour Stronghold 3, le jeu de Firefly Studios sorti décidément bien trop tôt. Comme le précédent, ce patch 1.2.24396 se télécharge automatiquement avec Steam. Attendez-vous à en avoir encore plein d'autres...

Notes de mise à jour du patch 1.2.24396 de Stronghold 3 :

  • The mouse cursor has been improved and will help with selection and responsiveness issues
  • Game speed added. Press + to speed up the game (x2 or x3 normal speed) and - to slow the game down to normal speed (x1)
  • Buildings can now be placed on top of workers and animals. The game will move the workers or animals out of the way
  • Fixed issue with military units sometimes not selecting a new target after a fight
  • Fixed issue with Archers and Rangers not being able to attack walls & buildings
  • Fixed issue with wolves (and other animals) being able to climb up ladders
  • Fixed issue with siege equipment being able to climb walls/towers
  • Fixed crash when changing resolutions in game on some machines
  • Fixed issue with stone quarries and iron mines when a worker was turned back into a peasant
  • Fixed issues when quitting/continuing the Tutorial
  • Fixed several pathfinding issues in Tower of London siege map
  • Fixed issue with peacetime continuing from multiplayer games into single player games
  • Hostile animals now respond to missile fire
  • Fixed French keyboard layout
  • The Map Editor is now available from the Steam interface. To locate it click on the top menu 'View' and select 'Tools'. Scroll down and you will see 'Stronghold 3 - Map Editor
  • An extra large map size has been added to the Map Editor
  • A new large Freebuild map, Abandoned Lands, has been added
  • Various small bug fixes