Patch 1.04 pour Decisive Campaigns : Case Blue

27 novembre 2012 par Aymdef | Decisive Campaigns | Deuxième guerre mondiale - Front de l'Est | PC

Patch 1.02c pour Decisive Campaigns : Case Blue

Le patch 1.04 est disponible pour Decisive Campaigns : Case Blue. Celui-ci vient équilibrer certaines règles, corriger plusieurs bugs et améliore certaines fonctionnalité du gameplay afin de renforcer l'expérience des wargamers.

Vous trouverez ce patch en allant dans les options du jeu et en selectionnant "Check for Updates", sinon vous pouvez vous rendre sur ce lien pour télécharger directement le patch :

Patchnote 1.04 :


  • Sevastopol extra auto-repair is now working as it should in all rounds (as opposed to only in round 1). Also raised the extra auto-repair from 250 points to 350 points. If you keep some red fighter units on intercept it should be possible to keep Sevastopol in supply now. 
  • German minor orders will no longer be issued outside the historical area scope of the Case Blue plan. Roughly following the Don River – Stalingrad – Wolga – Astrakhan line. Everything north of that line will not be used for minor orders. 
  • Trappjagd will now not let Soviets have major orders initially because Soviets now only get major orders at level 6 or higher (used to be level 5 or higher). 
  • U-2 acts as bomber now; no more kamikaze intercepts by this bi-plane bomber. 
  • Make High Command actually tell you "it agrees to not give you the order again, but that you still have to fulfill your current order" if you play an avoid card but already received the order before playing it. Also adjusted the text on the avoid cards to mention “again” so it is clear it will not cancel your current order. 
  • Fixed a bug with the avoid Krasnodar, Grozny and Baku cards not working as intended. 
  • Supply is no longer already consumed in setup turn when playing with free setup variant on. 
  • Made sure all TC are attached to OKH in all scenarios 
  • Changed OOB: One infantry regiment with half trucks and one infantry regiment with halftrack complement for Panzer Divisions and PzG Divisions. 
  • Changed mouse over for add subunits to be correct 
  • Increased highlighting of divisional parts and HQ subordinates and made hex highlight a bit more visible on snow hexes (have to start new scenario to see this) 
  • Prestige targets of AI no longer show up on map while you are looking at its moves 
  • Uranus scenario now has correct new transport ship settings as well (from v1.02) 
  • Ships passengers no longer lose AP when taking a shortcut and moving through a port hex without stopping there. 
  • Hungarian message for own army control fixed 
  • Italian Air Corps and other Axis Minor air corps can get reinforcements delivered now (also in running games) 
  • Artemovsk double town bug fixed -> Woroshilowsk replaces most eastern Artermovsk. 
  • Auto-Recover from strange negative AP bug 
  • Recon does no longer destroy any completely empty units in the target hex. 
  • Remove the avoid card if Stalingrad or other town is already held. 
  • Changed Tiflis -> Tiblissi on map and Charkow ->Kharkov 
  • Game now ignores case sensitivity in pbem++ username tests within the game (since the PBEM++ server isn’t case sensitive either) 
  • Fixed a bug with crash on enemy sea unit in FOW 
  • Fixed a bug with a crash if you cancelled move by clicking outside highlighted area and then would follow up with clicking hq link. Fixed a bug with the AI in final stages of defeat taking really long to process engineering moves.


  • Give major order avoid actioncards back (since they have been taken away after capturing the objective) to player if not played yet and you lose a key city. 
  • Added variant for FOW on statistics for players who don’t want to be able to see the Soviet force size and composition. All statistics will become visible after the game has been won however. 
  • Oil more strained. 2k less oil for Germany at start. Even 1k less in August. Even 1k less in Sept. 
  • Make sea 2 instead of 3 AP points for soviet sea supply to avoid too much damage to the west of Caucasus if rail link is cut. 
  • Soviet reinforcements Extra infantry 700 per round in July&Aug [10K per month extra] and 1400 extra per round in Sep&Oct [20K per month extra]. This means that by November the Soviets will have received 60K extra troops. 
  • Max command points saved up for any officer is 20. 
  • Made the offensive corps and army cards slightly less effective. Also fixed a calculation mistake in Gamble, it will now actually misfire sometimes, making it a real gamble. Also adjusted the cost of a number of cards upwards and one (Supervise defense) downwards. 
  • 4 Coastal Garissons added for Germans in Odessa, Nikolaya and 2 in Crimea: Trappenjagd, Case Blue and Uranus 
  • Volume control added for background music and for sound effects in the preferences tab 
  • Artillery and Flak are more vulnerable in combat with infantry now. Staff is more vulnerable in combat with infantry and tanks now. 
  • Mentioned in mouse over that combat and morale mod bonus for officer is not active if not at the lowest HQ level. 
  • Change wording of high command orders so it’s clear you have to hold a target also at the start of your turn. 
  • Set instace_challenge to filesize check (server & client) as well to avoid corrupt files sizes in the instance of issueing the challenge. 
  • Changed the algorithm for axis minor reinforcements so there will be some reinforcements always. But less if spirits are lower. This should ensure enough staff is actually coming in to build armies for your axis minor armies in the early campaign starts.