Sortie de Birds of Steel

30 mars 2012 par Aymdef | Birds of Steel | Deuxième guerre mondiale - Front du Pacifique | PS3 - Xbox 360

Sorti au début du mois au Japon, Birds of Steel, la suite de Birds of Prey sorti en septembre 2009, est maintenant disponible en France sur PS3 et Xbox 360. Ce nouveau jeu de simulation aérienne vous emmènera combattre dans le Pacifique lors de la seconde guerre mondiale, au commande d'une centaine d'avions de combat authentiques (américains, japonais, australiens, russes, allemands, britanniques et Italien). Vous participerez à différentes batailles historiques parmi les plus célèbre du conflit telles que Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal ou les îles Wake.

Birds of Steel a déjà récolté quelques notes qui vont de la très bonne simulation à la simulation moyenne : 32/40 sur Famitsu, 13/20 sur PlayStation Le Magazine Officiel, 6/10 sur Gamekult, 16/20 sur ou 8.5 sur 10 sur IGN.

À propos de Birds of Steel :

Get ready to strap in, go back in time and take stick in the most pivotal battles in the history of air combat. Birds of Steel puts you right in the crosshairs of WWII's most intense skirmishes.

This original IP blends next gen supremacy and the fine details of aerial combat into a historical recreation fit for flight sim fans and history buffs alike. Use your skills to pilot the top planes from all combatants in WWII to recreate history or to change the outcomes of the most prolific battles in history. Online and offline elements add an entire new element to the game which will ensure Birds of Steel remains a fresh combat experience long after you've played for the first time.

Key features:

  • Over 100 real life planes — Dog fight and dive bomb in actual WW2 planes and rain down terror from above. Determine for yourself which plane is the ultimate bird of prey.
  • Navigate through hundreds missions — Embark on 20 historical missions, hundreds of procedural missions scattered throughout 16 different locations. All are inspired by real life campaigns such as Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal and the battle of Wake Island. Reality is reflected using real life maps and actual satellite photos of these areas.
  • Pioneering online and multi-player modes for flight sims — Enjoy 4 player co-op or go into the new and unique online ware mode to compete against up to 16 aviators across world. More exciting details to come!
  • Key innovations — The finest details are the most critical in the new physics and damage models. Controlling speed is a direct result of effect manipulation of the ailerons, and rudders. Each plane has over 100 hitpoints where each part of the plane has its own health and damage detection.
  • Fun for all gamers — Multiple levels of realism offer a gameplay experience for gamers of all walks: Simplified, Realistic up to Simulator for the serious flight-sim players.