Patch 1.05f pour Crusader Kings II

El Presidente
18 mai

Le patch 1.05 pour Crusader King II vient une nouvelle de recevoir un petit complément, toujours bienvenu pour cet excellent jeu de stratégie. Ce patch 1.05f se télécharge automatiquement si vous possédez le jeu sur Steam, sinon vous pouvez le télécharger via le launcher du jeu et l'installer ensuite.

Notes de mises à jour de la version 1.05f :

  • The invasion cb can now be granted correctly again
  • The Pope now gets a significantly lower contribution score in Crusades
  • AI: The Pope/Caliph will now be more reluctant to accept a White Peace when Crusading/Jihading
  • The Metaserver should now work again
  • Fixed a rare crash with sieges
  • Changed the speed settings so they are all faster, except for max speed (level 2 is now level 1, etc)
  • Added missing message text for calls of allies
  • Added missing message text for offers to join wars
  • No longer possible to usurp religious head titles, even if they have de jure vassals
  • Tied together a few more cultural names
  • Fixed more typos and database errors
  • Fixed a bug where you could have duplicate laws due to the history scripts
  • Fixed a bug with the event effects 'prestige' and 'health'
  • Fixed a rare crash bug with very long war names (could also cause corrupt saves)
  • Fixed a rare de jure assimilation issue when one character holds multiple kingdoms/empires
  • Fixed an issue with de jure assimilation status not always being saved
  • When events in multiplayer time out, the first VALID event option is now automatically chosen (rather than just the first option)
  • Added some missing characters in Novgorod
  • Fixed numerous relatively rare bugs causing unintentional independences at the end of wars
  • No longer possible to declare wars while in revolt against your liege
  • No longer possible to revoke titles off or imprison lower vassals in revolt against their liege
  • No longer possible to ask for invasion against a liege or above
  • Fixed some bugs with Crusade outcomes
  • No longer possible to attach units to those owned by someone of a lower rank
  • Fixed an asymmetrical hostility issue between revolting vassals of revolting vassals and the top liege
  • No longer allowed to ask to join wars while in revolt
  • Can no longer ask to join a war against a liege above your liege
  • Fixed a bunch of event bugs
  • Broken save games no longer crash the game when you open the save game browser, they are now marked as broken and cannot be loaded by clicking on them