Patch 1.1.02 pour King Arthur II

El Presidente
Légendes arthuriennes
2 février

Le deuxième patch pour King Arthur II est déjà disponible alors que le précédent est sortir hier. On ne peut pas dire que Neocore Games ne sont pas réactifs face aux demandes de la communauté.

En tout cas, cette mise à jour a dû s'installer automatiquement avec votre client Steam.

Note de mise à jour du patch 1.1.02 :

  • Fixed crashing battles (Pict armies and Fomorian raiding armies)
  • Adventure and diplomatic quest fixes
  • Modified skills (Chain lightning, Summon skills, Power of Sacrifice)
  • Fixed experience level display and reduced experience required for higher levels
  • Fixed some artifact drag and drop issues in heroes’ inventory and Artifact Forge inventory
  • Modified Leadership bonuses of artifacts
  • Increased Leadership value (Warlord class - level up choice)
  • Fixed missing unit images and artifact icons
  • Beast Lairs allow two units to be recruited per Lair
  • Some of the Morality Lairs allow two units to be recruited
  • Lair creatures acquired in quests no longer limit maximum availability
  • Fixed ruler naming
  • Kingdom of Alba: army behavior fixed
  • Added automatic replenishment for Morgana’s core units while questing in the Northern territories
  • Fixed experience levels for Sir Galahad’s army
  • Fixed hero skill trees (Philbius, Numerius Andronicus)
  • Player’s units will be at full strength if battle occurs while replenishing losses
  • Removed empty Ring of Gorlois recipe from the Encyclopedia (became an acquirable set item)
  • Other minor bug and balancing fixes

Les problèmes qui sont connus et qui sont en cours de corrections :

  • Improved ground units defense against flying units
  • Dal’ Riata battle difficulty and enhanced ability to fight dragons
  • No Will to Fight values on some units
  • Missing unit skills when received at higher levels than 5th
  • Issues with closing Nether gates at Tier 4
  • Some unit animation bugs