Patch 2.31 pour Victoria II : A House Divided

El Presidente
28 avril

A House Divided, l'addon de Victoria II, se met à jour avec le patch 2.31 que vous pouvez télécharger via le launcher du jeu. Les plateformes de téléchargement légales comme Steam ont reçu également le patch et vous devriez bientôt, à moins que cela ne soit déjà fait, voir le patch se télécharger et s'installer automatiquement.

Patchnote 2.31 :

  • Iron producing nations have some more techs in 61
  • Nations have more plularity in 61 if they have the techs for it
  • The Partido Nacional for Chile had its starting date, ideology, and issues corrected
  • Partido Nacional is now the ruling party for Chile in 1861
  • Ifni is now owned by Spain in the 1861 scenario.
  • Jirim Chuulgan is now owned by Manchuria
  • Zanzibar is now independent in 1861
  • Afghanistan now own Balkh in 1861, gains a core on Peshawar in 1861, and gains a core on Balkh in 1836 and 1861
  • Provinces Bekescaba and Debrecen were moved from Alfold to Central Hungary and lost ROM cores
  • Province Sezekesfehvar moved from Central Hungary to Transdanubia
  • Invention Mechanized Fishing Vessels had output efficiency boost nerfed from 150% to 50%
  • Added Oceania to the list of attractive continents for each poptype file. gives Australia and New Zealand a fair chance at immigrants.
  • Modified the NGF formation decision to include a sphered SCH
  • Modified production_types to give gold mines an extra 10k base capacity
  • Changed the province modifiers (tractors, nitroglycerin, etc) so that none give more than 50% output increase per modifier
  • Adjacencies file now properly handled in mods
  • Fixed issue with AI movement logic causing PRU to never be able to take out bremen.
  • Updated localization files
  • A Treatise on Economics event now links to correct descriptions
  • Mapmode migration now shows migration colors on a province level for the selected country, and on a country level if no country is selected.
  • Fixed an issue in mapmode migration where the sum of immigrants/emigrants in the tooltip would incorrectly show up as zero.
  • Fixed crash when using units with zero morale to hunt rebels