Patch 1.05 pour Strategic Command WW2 Global Conflict

El Presidente
30 septembre

Pour ceux qui sont intéressés, Strategic Command WW2 Global Conflict, le wargame sur fond de Seconde Guerre mondiale de la série Strategic Command, a été patché. Ce patch est disponible sur Battlefront.

Notes de mise à jour 1.05 de Strategic Command WW2 Global Conflict

  • fixed a Carrier 'Escort' bug that incorrectly allowed Carriers to escort more than two times (Baron)
  • fixed an Email/Network replay error that caused a CTD (Amadeus)
  • fixed an error that allowed Carriers to reinforce/upgrade after it has been used to 'escort' (Catacol)
  • air units can now move at 50% of available action points when located on a snow, rain and sandstorm tile (Al)
  • movement path is now highlighted under friendly units to show the full reach of a moveable unit (Lettowvorbeck)
  • operational movement highlights will now also highlight underneath existing units to indicate that these positions would be reachable if the existing unit were to subsequently move (Sharkman)
  • amended the Turkish MOBILIZATION#2 events that look for Allied weakness in the Middle East to look beyond the capital cities (Bill R.)
  • added a MOBILIZATION#2 event to increase US mobilization from Axis
  • advancements into southern Africa
  • moved the 1st Turkish Army into Ankara with entrenchment = 2 and placed the Turkish Altay HQ northeast of Ankara at tile 102,23
  • Swedish 1st Army in Stockholm now starts with experience = 1 and an entrenchment = 3
  • Swedish 2nd Army starts with experience = 1 and the Swedish 1st RSAF now starts at strength = 8
  • Soviet Army, Corps and Fighter added to the P/Q and set to arrive in September 1941, March 1942, May 1942 respectively
  • US Army added to the P/Q and set to arrive in May 1942
  • UK Army and Tactical Bomber added to the P/Q and set to arrive in June 1943
  • US now starts with 1 chit in Motorization, Infrastructure and Production Technology
  • USSR now starts with an Industrial Modifier of 75% up from 65%
  • UK DE 100 for Vichy France is now only 300 MPPs and at 50 MPP for 6 turns
  • Italian units now start entrenched in all cities at 4 and coastal units at 2