Patch 1.25 pour Making History II

El Presidente
Seconde Guerre mondiale
21 décembre

Making History II a été mis à jour récemment. Ce patch 1.25 inclut des corrections de bugs, l'optimisation et l'équilibrage des unités militaires et des actions diplomatiques. Des rapports de combat ont été ajoutées aux combats aériens. Un éditeur a aussi été intégré mais celui-ci est encore en version alpha et sera complété au cours des prochains patchs.

Steam s'est normalement chargé de télécharger et d'installer le patch, n'existant pas d'autres mannières pour l'avoir.

Notes de mise à jour du patch 1.25

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed bug where air units patrolling their own region would not intercept enemy air units
  • Fixed bug where enemy air units patrolling the same region would not fight
  • Fixed bug that caused enemy air units not to show up on the map if their airbase region was fogged
  • Fixed sub order to allow them to patrol region and attack any enemies that enter the region
  • Fixed bug that wasn't granting experience for combat to patrolling air units
  • Fixed bug that was causing too much collateral damage to regions in certain circumstances
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash if you keep playing after being conquered
  • Fixed "ghost units" bug
  • Fixed exploit that could allow paratrooper drops to have infinite range
  • Fixed issues with finding fonts on some Macs
  • Fixed game exit crash
  • Fixed some glitchy behavior with fogging
  • Stop giving control of regions after combat to units that are there because of Military Access or an access ticket
  • Fixed bug when switching a fleet from a multiturn move order to a move to port order that would cause it to backtrack
  • Fixed Full Screen on the Mac to behave properly
  • Fixed error in calculating maintenance costs of region improvements
  • Fixed looping of background music on Mac
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur when saving and reloading as a different nation

UI :

  • Send air combat damaged/destroyed notifications to damager as well as damagee
  • Add Combat Report for air combat
  • Add icons to land, air, and sea combat reports
  • Fix the reporting of the number of fleets in port on the city panel
  • Fix the display of the defender bonus for fortification improvements in the Region panel

Content :

  • Tuned the diplomatic relations effects of wars/embargoes/trade/treaties
  • Lowered the combat power of ground units vs. air units
  • Tuned the debt stability modifier
  • Tuned Defensive Infrastructure costs
  • Added Coal producer to Loess Plateau in all scenarios
  • LDOP: Fix duplicate German air force name
  • LDOP: Swap UK 5th Bomber Group and Iraqi Air Force
  • Remove accidental UnitCapSeaTransport from LargeCruiser
  • Increased range of Air Transport from 750 to 1000
  • Fixed a number of issues with units playing the correct animation

Launcher :

  • Fixed starting in windowed mode if there is no supported resolution lower than the desktop resolution
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when updating content to 1.24
  • Removed support for the "Client Process" option on the Mac

Editor (NOTE: Editor button is only visible if the Pre-release Update box is checked on Options).

  • First preview of editor!
  • Added editor button to launcher
  • Launcher has the ability to create a new mod from an existing scenario and setup all the files
  • Editor itself can currently only edit a few properties, more coming soon
  • Editor button is only visible when "Pre-Release Updates" is enabled