Patch 1.61 pour Scourge of War : Chancellorsville

2 août 2013 par Aymdef | Scourge of War | La guerre de Sécession | PC

Patch 1.61 pour Scourge of War : Chancellorsville

Le wargame Scourge of War : Chancellorsville, que nous avions pu testé (voir le test), s'est offert un nouveau patch apportant de nouvelles fonctionnalités et corrigeant des bugs.

Le patch se télécharge via le menu du jeu "Check for Update" ou en vous rendant par ICI.

Patchnote 1.61 :

New Features 

* It is now possible to modify unitglobal.csv, unitmodel.csv, munitions.csv and unitpack.csv files for Multiplayer games. 
* The unit currently selected in-game will now be selected when the "Compose Courier Message" window is opened. 
* New grass, dirt, woods, rocks, and water textures for all Gettysburg and Antietam maps have been added. 
* There is now no limit on the number of human courier messages in Single Player and Multiplayer games. 
* The realism of the "line of sight" calculation for units has been improved. Friendly units are now more likely to obstruct each other, and "shooting over" problems are reduced. 

Bug fixes 

* Cavalry now less likely to withdraw when under fire. 
* Units retreating in close quarters will now halt and reform when a large enough gap between units is available. 
* A bug that prevented courier orders from being obeyed until the "Time" setting was altered has been fixed. 
* A bug that prevented courier orders from being executed until a previous "Move to This Map Point" destination was reached has been fixed. A separate command for waypoints has been added. 
* A bug that prevented courier facing orders from being executed correctly has been fixed. A new command, "Face your unit in this direction upon arrival," has been added. The facing direction command must be given after the move order and before the formation is specified; e.g., "General A, move to x farm, face to the SW, form your brigade in a line." 
* Units will no longer spawn in rivers at the beginning of Sandbox battles. 
* Supply wagons will be less likely to move too close to the enemy during combat. 
* Antietam and Chancellorsville roads have been corrected. 
* The missing basement on the St. George Church has been added. 
* Buildings in the Salem Church map have been corrected. 
* A conflict in MultiPlayer when different "Aicount"s were specified by host and clients has been fixed. 
* Units will now be less likely to unrealistically re-form under fire. 
* Fixed a scoring bug linked to officer respawning. 
* Fixed AN07 carryover to AN14 scenario issue.