Patch 1.01 pour To End All Wars

14 novembre 2014 par Aymdef | To End All Wars | Première guerre mondiale | PC

Patch 1.01 pour To End All Wars

L'excellent To End All Wars s'offre une première mise à jour majeure incluant un grand nombre de corrections, un équilibrage du gameplay, l'ajout de généraux historiques et une amélioration de l'IA.

Vous pouvez utiliser l'outil de mise à jour automatique présent dans le jeu ou bien télécharger directement le patch en cliquant ICI.

Change History v1.01 :

• Grand Headquarter can have more armies.
• TrenchLevel memory: If you have at least 50% military control, you can get the previous trenches of the region!
• Improved supply in-stack distribution
• Stacks helping others through MTSG will be placed back in their original region, even if in retreat. Posture will be defensive, not passive.
• Stacks assaulting a structure and ordered to retreat will simply stop the attack.

Interface & engine
• Decision cost added instantly to interface.
• Fixed negative display loss in resources.
• Fixed reversed battle plans effect display
• Fixed bullets display in cityscape
• Message panel opens on scenario start (allows seeing first red pop up)
• Fixed resources costs display issue (gui game options)
• Fixed crash in stack panel
• Added back random variation in display loss
• Commander in Chief indicator shown in Stack panel (in yellow and in tooltip on unit)
• Music sound volume can now be tweaked (yeah!) - need editing a file though:
• you can alter music volume by adding a value between 20 and 100 in UserInterface.opt
• inoMusicVolume = 60 // music volume, default is 60
• Tooltips are shown in hosting if battle report or planner visible
• Can see up to 20 nation tags in recruit panel
• Regions list show ammo amounts only in the supply column
• Supply filter (2) improved
• Fixed railpool value disappearing if at the low level
• Flag shown during an ongoing battle will be the one of the Commander in chief.
• Fixed a display glitch in message panel
• Battle planner improvements:
o Day of battle shown
o Colored, more detailed battle plans description with advice
o Terrain tooltip shown on terrain icon
• Up to 3 leaders (the most important ones) per side shown, with tooltip indicating their command
• % of your troops (and number of elements) in infantry, cavalry, artillery, tank. Same for the enemy.
• Most preeminent posture shown for you and enemy. If low cohesion, special indicator.
• In Ledger, Unit List, units under construction are now shown as fixed.
• Enlarged Event window for better readability
• New option (Main Menu/Options/Media Tab) to get back the old postures/ROE buttons
• Equipment captured during battle traced in turn history
• Can't enter anymore (and erroneously) in structures not designed to handle sieges
• When doing drag&drop, name of over region appears
• Added 2 moddings options for script command AlterCuSubUnit : SetSupplyPerc & SetAmmoPerc
• Can open saved game folder in Load Game Window, if doing a ctrl-click on the game icon
• Fixed a display bug in region list leading to false infos
• Ammo trains gauge now displays ... ammos!
• Innate supply production of a region is now shown in the first structure tooltip when checking structures by ctrl-click.
• Also corrected supply and assets production not taking into account loyalty/alignment
• Tooltip background rectangle can have color and opacity changed by modding

Historical setting, data and events
• Fix for weird off map naval moves in the Atlantic Ocean
• Events to cover arrival of US forces in France.
• Added AI events for key landings (Basra, Dardanelles, Riga Gulf, Finland)
• Exported 2 new scenarios (West 1914, East 1914) for further testing – please provide feedback
• Spanish translation included: many thanks to Picaron and Haplo for their precious help
• German translation included: many thanks to Dominic and Gerd for their precious help
• More ammos on units, revised artillery usage and power
• Reintroduced the Baltic Shipping box as a shipping/commerce offmap box, for supplies and trade
• 17 new Russian generals (with their pictures) added + fix to 5 other Russian generals
• Fixed missing RR links in southern Finland (Helsinki-Lovisa-Kotka)
• Added Events for Japanese siege and assault on Tsingtau (only if Japan joins the entente)
• Added Events for heavy warships 1914 under construction (GER, FRA, RUS and AUS)
• Fixed double generals (Artamonov at start, Sarrail when Salonika option taken)
• All 3*** leaders CombatDeathChance set back to 0, to avoid losing a GHQ commander from a stray bullet...
• NavalBase / TradePort: SupplyWant & AmmoWant level increased (3 to 8)
• Islands and off-map regions local supplies increased, should help fix Singapore or Helgoland issues
• Army_GER_Riemann : file named erroneous, now fixed (added correctly named file)
• Leader Savov (BUL) missing pictures added + Fixed errors in other portraits
• Added more corps names for factions to avoid blank names when exceeding the 100 mark.

• SplitLargeStacks anti doomstack algorithm
• AI better at buying replacements and units
• AI Agents will be less predictable
• Tweaked AI so that commerce ships stay much more in commerce box
• AI less prone in retreating into structures in regions part of the front.
• Initial AI agents removed after 4 turns
• AI Agent infos on stack tooltip (debug mode only)
• Less recombination per turn
• AI help to construction of Anzac and Indian troops to Egypt
• AI will focus less on Antwerp
• AI will calculate fronts faster