Hegemony Rome : The Rise of Caesar en français

2 mai 2014 par Aymdef | Hegemony | Antiquité | PC

Voici, une bonne nouvelle pour les francophones, mais aussi pour nos amis italiens, qui participent à l'Early Access de Hegemony Rome : The Rise of Caesar. En effet, le STR est dorénavant localisé en français et en italien. Les développeurs précisent qu'il y a des fautes ou des textes coupés qui seront corrigés dans les prochaines updates.

Cette bonne nouvelle s'accompagne de divers corrections dont voici la liste :

- AI no longer builds units that it doesn't have the upgrades for
- Training Ground and Watchtower upgrades are now working
- Fixed garrison units that were missing on some wall types
- Fixed morale debuff when recruiting units from hostile cities
- Fixed a fog bug with targeted enemies inside cities
- Fixed a bug with unit numbering
- Fixed a bug with alert tabs closing themselves when there are too many alerts
- Fixed a bug with some General's attributes not being applied to cities properly
- Fixed a bug with AI disbanding units that were needed to complete objectives
- Fixed a problem with drifting camera when a gamepad is plugged in
- Fixed several CTD errors
- Adjustments to new tooltips
- Added date and season text to the minimap (WIP; not fully implemented in the campaign yet)
- Added unique names for indie sandbox factions
- Added unit-on-board buff to indicate ships with units on them in cities
- Reworked global stats to account for supply loss and unconnected farms
- Supply lines through marshes or alpine regions are now blocked in the appropriate seasons
- Implemented basic auto-grouping when dragging out move command with multiple units selected (WIP)
- Implemented French and Italian localizations (WIP; typos and cropped texts will be fixed in future updates)

Nous vous rappellons que vous pouvez retrouver notre preview par ICI.