Update 1.35 pour War Thunder

26 septembre 2013 par Aymdef | War Thunder | Deuxième guerre mondiale - Front de l'Ouest - Front de l'Est - Front du Pacifique - La guerre de Corée | PC et Macintosh

Update 1.35 pour War Thunder

L'excellent War Thunder s'offre aujourd'hui une mise à jour proposant de nouvelles fonctionnalités, de nouveaux avions de combat, et un nouvel élément de gameplay, l'Events Mode, qui propose des batailles spéciales avec des paramètres personnalisés.

Grâce à ce mode, les joueurs peuvent désormais recréer des batailles historiques, essayer de nouvelles missions et cartes, ou utiliser les cartes habituelles avec des paramètres personnalisés.

Patchnote 1.35 :

New Aircraft

  • Germany :
    • Fw-190A-5 (4 x cannons) — tier 10
    • Bf.109E-1 — tier 5
  • USSR :
    • La-5 — tier 7
    • La-5F — tier 8
    • B-25J-30 — premium — tier 9
    • Yak-3P — tier 11
    • MiG-15 — tier 20
  • USA :
    • Curtiss P-36G Hawk — tier 4
    • North American F-86-F25 Sabre — tier 20
    • North American F-86-F2 Sabre — tier 20
  • Great Britain :
    • Spitfire MK. IIa — tier 5
    • Spitfire F. MK. IX (Merlin 61 engine) — tier 10
    • Spitfire LF. MK. IX (Merlin 66 engine) — tier 13
  • Japan :
    • Fw-190A-5/U3 changed to Fw-190A-5 with (4 x cannons)
    • Ki-96 — premium — tier 10
    • Ki-102 — tier 10


  • Improved the speed of the connection to the chat
  • Added the ability to preview the aircraft skin you want to buy
  • Added the ability to switch window in modifications.
  • The list of options for the bomb load on all aircrafts are sorted from low to high load
  • Fixed crew blocking message when battle ends.

Graphics and visuals

  • Cockpits added for Pe-2 «Peshka» (all series), Pe-3 and Pe-3R
  • Cockpits changed for B5N2, Bf-109E-3, Boomerang Mk.I, Boomerang Bk.2, BTD-1, D3A1, F4F-3, F4F-4, F4U-1a, F4U-1c, F4U-1d, F6F-3, F8F-1, F8F-1B, F9F-5, Fw-190A-5, Gladiator Mk.II, I-16 type 28, Ju-87R-2, Ju-87B-2, Ju-87D-3, Ju-87D-5, Ju-87G-1, Ju-87G-2, La-5, La-7, La-7b, LaGG-3 (all modifications), MC.200 series 3, MC.200 series 7
  • Planes models changed for: Blenheim Mk.IV, BTD-1, F4U-1a, F4U-1c, F4U-1d, Fw-190A-5, P-36G, P-39K-1, P-39N-0, P-39N-0 (SU), P-39Q-15, P-39Q-5, P-51B, P?-2-110, P?-2-205, P?-3 Early, A5M4, A6M2, A6M3, AR-2, AR-234, B5N2, Beaufighter Mk.VIc, Beaufort Mk.VIII, D3A1, Do-217M-1, Do-217n-1, Yer-2, F8F-1, F9F-2, F80c, Fw-190D-12, Fw-190D-13, G8N1, Hs-129B-2, I-16 Type 18, I-16 Type 28, IL-4, Ju-87B-2, S.79 1936, S.79 1937, S.79 1939, S.79 1941, S.79bis, S.79bis/L, S.79B.
  • Textures and geometry improved for Yak-3
  • Geometry improved for Fw-190 A and F
  • Camouflage fixed for Rasmussen's P-36
  • Armament visuals fixed for Fw-190A5 and BTD.


  • Rockets launch sound bug fixed
  • Introduced new sounds for 20mm cannon T-160


  • When starting the engine of Corsair and similar aircrafts, propeller feathering should no longer lead to bugs
  • Fixed tail hook on certain carrier based aircrafts
  • In FRB, whilst aircraft is stationary, the ability to activate an external camera (you can look around and see the runway)
  • In FRB «Press the button to reload» is displayed to remind pilots to reload weapons on the runway
  • Control Mode " Mouse Aim " used with with manual control with the keys, the view of the camera is centered on the Player’s aircraft.
  • Aircraft icons are hidden for opponents in the modes of HB and FRB (to determine the plane is not difficult for experienced players to interpret the icons, even before the start of the battle)
  • P-40E moved to the tier 5
  • P-39N and P-39Q-5 moved from tier 6 to tier 7
  • P-47D-25 and P-47D-28 moved from tier 9 to tier 8
  • Fw-190A-5/U3 renamed Fw-190A-5/U2
  • A20G renamed to A20G-30
  • New multiplyers for unlocking skins and decals: one destroyed target in FRB is now equal to 2 targets in HB or 4 targets in AB

  • New «Titles» feature is now available in the «Achievements» tab in player's profile.


  • Error for planes with «New boosters» modification is fixed (modification price is lowered, repairs of the plane with new boosters installed increased accordingly)

DM (Damage Model)

  • Errors in DM fixed for liquid and air cooled engines (some liquid cooling engines e.g. in Bf.109 were hardly damaged in frontal attacks, while air cooling systems were out of service)
  • All Tu-2 and Beaufighter aircraft construction errors fixed. Airframes are now require less damage to destroy.
  • F-80 Shooting Star a bug when with tail being destroyed engine still worked is fixed

FM (Flight Model)

  • Spitfire F. MK. IX (with merlin 61 engine)
  • Spitfire LF. MK. IX (with merlin 66 engine)
  • La-5 and La-5F are more historically accurate
  • P-39 K-1, P-39Q-5 and P-39N-0 FMs updated
  • Aircobra bug with flaps speed is fixed
  • BF-109E-1, BF-109E-3 Fms are updated due to historically accurate data
  • Flutter speed for La series aircraft is adjusted:
    • La-5 — 710 km/h
    • La-5F — 715 km/h
    • La-5Fn — 725 km/h
    • La-7 — 740 km/h
    • La-7-B20 — 740 km/h

Weapons and modifications

  • Added torpedoes (torpedo AN-45-36) for the IL -4
  • Fixed options and xp required some ammunition for aircraft with. Total number of belts to be four (early version of the Pe -2, and Pe-3/Pe-3bis)
  • Fixed ammunition capacity on IL -2M from 1000 to 450 rounds of ammunition
  • Added Italian torpedo F200/450 (previously used model of the British torpedo armament in the SM-79 is replaced by an Italian)

Mission and maps

New maps for arcade battles

  • [Ground strike] Paradise Island previously know as Island of Misfortune
  • [Ground strike] Green Ridge previously know as Peaks of Despair

New alt history battles

  • Berlin, Spring 1943
  • Krymsk. Summer 1943

Changes and fixes


  • Airfields added for both parties
  • Landing side for attacking party is changed
  • Ground units for both sides have been changed, as well as their speed and movement
  • Ships added for both sides


  • US can prevent Japanese landings by destroying landing boats before they hit the shore
  • 3 of 4 carriers are not stationary. 4 th carrier moves but then stops in order to make flying boats and naval planes possible to rearm near it
  • Some destroyers of both parties have been replaced with heavy cruisers
  • If US pilots won't try to defend the airfield – Japanese ground units may capture it

Operation Iwo Jima

  • Landing speed is increased
  • Kamikaze now attack cargo ships as well
  • Landing boats are spawned from all the ships, not one
  • Japanese defense positions are changedNew maps for arcade battles


  • Fixed a rare crash when client is run from steam.
  • Fixed a crash in the mission editor.
  • Many improvements of networking code, significantly more stable behavior of the aircraft during packet loss