Kingmaker est disponible pour War of the Roses

21 mars 2013 par Aymdef | War of the Roses | Moyen-âge - La guerre des Roses | PC

Kingmaker est disponible pour War of the Roses

Ce matin, votre client steam a dû ou est encore en train de télécharger la méga mise à jour de War of the Roses, intitulé Kingmaker et pesant pas moins de 5.8 Go. En réalité, c'est tout le jeu qui est retéléchargé car des changments importants ont été opérés sur les menus.

Ce trailer ci-dessous vous présente, par l'intermédiaire de la voix de Brian Blessed, les nombreuses nouvelles features apportées par Kingmake, comme de nouveaux modes de jeu, de nouvelles armes, Brian Blessed comme narrateur...

New Gamemode: Assault - Available on
[*]St. Albans: Destroy the gate, capture the Smithy, storm the tower.
[*]Bamburgh Castle: Capture the Bombard, raise the ladders/destroy the gate, pull the lever, storm the tower.
[*]Clitheroe Forest: Destroy the gate, capture .
[*]Wakefield: Push the cart, raise the ladders, pull the lever, push the cart, blow up the gate, capture the keep.

New Additions
[*]Steam Big Picture and full controller use is now supported
[*]Added 3 new custom profile slots

New Weapons
[*]English Great Sword
[*]Lucerne Hammer
[*]Steel Sword of the Veneration
[*]English Two-Handed Sword
[*]Schongauer Longsword
[*]Flemish Great Sword of War
[*]Holy Trinity Sword
[*]French Two-Handed Falchion
[*]Bavarian Longsword
[*]Cut-down Pollaxe
[*]Castillon Falchion
[*]Spanish Ear Dagger
[*]Warwickshire Soldier Sword
[*]Almain Falchion
[*]Inlaid Warhammer
[*]French Rondel Dagger
[*]Flemish Bollock Dagger
[*]Steel Dagger of the Veneration
[*]Partisan Spear of the Easter Passion

[*]Tweaked Brian Blessed VO
[*]Changed and optimized the Blood effects
[*]Revamped the Shield Bash Perk
[*]Added several new patterns for armours
[*]Deluxe Edition equipment is now purchasable
[*]Being dismounted from mounts now lunges players through the air

Balance Changes
[*]Reduced Damage of 1h Bills
[*]Reduced Damage of 2h Axes
[*]Reduced Hammerhead Bolts damage and added a small stun effect
[*]Reduced Shield health

[*]Fixed an issue with Quarterstaff pushing
[*]Fixed a scaling issue in Profile Editor lower resolutions
[*]Optimized the flaming quarrel bolts to solve performance issues
[*]Fixed an issue with Polish fonts

Known Issues
[*]Profiles have been reset due to potential issues with Big Picture. All your gear is still available.
[*]Keybindings are not currently changeable ingame, but can be changed in the main menu.