Patch 1.01 pour Close Combat : Panthers in the Fog

18 mars 2013 par Aymdef | Close Combat | Deuxième guerre mondiale | PC

Patch 1.01 pour Close Combat : Panthers in the Fog

Voilà le patch 1.01 pour Close Combat : Panthers in the Fog, dont vous pouvez retrouver le test sur HistoriaGames (lire le test). Celui-ci apporte un certain nombre d'améliorations et de corrections de bugs notamment le path-finding des véhicules, l'interface du multijoueur et la connection pour les parties en multi.

Le patch peut se télécharger via le menu du jeu en vous rendant dans "Check for update" ou bien sur le site de Matrix Games (

Patchnote 1.01 :

• Fixes 
o Enhanced path-finding handles tight terrain better (bridges, tree / hedge-lined roads). 
o Added a help dialog that displays when you first enter the multi-player screen. 
o Added additional labels and a CHAT button to help clarify the UI on the multi-player screen. 
o Multi-player connection between two players will now use a direct connection if possible. If prevented by firewall/router or other issue, an indirect connection via the lobby system will be used. 
o AI tweaked to increase the chance the AI will choose to act aggressively. 
o Added an option to turn off the fog visual effect in the General options. 
o Ger map elevations corrected. 
o Game font size no longer affected by Windows global font scaling. 
o M8 HMC hull shadow fixed. 
o Replacement animation for marker smoke (artillery, mortar support) added. 
o Added some extra information to the Battle Group screen (selected unit type, weapon name tooltips). 
o Fixed a bug where swapping battle groups could lead to multi-player sync issues on the strategic screen. 
o Fixed a bug that could cause a vehicle to report 'We're Stuck' when moving on low cost terrain (like paved roads) when very close to the next internal waypoint. 
o Fixed a case where vehicles would use reverse on a move involving multiple internal waypoints and then turn around at the destination to face as if they had move there going forwards. 
o Fixed a case where movement orders for an infantry team would not complete even when the soldiers all considered themselves at the final destination. The order would eventually time out, and the soldiers would behave normally, but the order dot would still be sitting there. 
o Multi-player chat on the Strategic Screen repositioned and area reduced. 
o Fixed a case where a team with a damaged vehicle could re-appear in your roster with the name “Vehicle Crew”