Patch 1.02 pour March of the Eagles

3 juin 2013 par Aymdef | March of the Eagles | Les guerres napoléoniennes | PC

Patch 1.02 pour March of the Eagles

Un second patch pour March of the Eagles a été délivré aujourd'hui sur Steam corrigeant quelques bugs, apportant quelques nouveautés, équilibrant et améliorant le gameplay. Ce patch s'installe automatiquement par Steam, si vous lui avez donné l'ordre.

Patchnote 1.01 :

- ships can now be captured
- ship damage and morale tweaked
- blockade lowers local ship repair speed
- naval landings are slower

- leaders need to travel to new assignments
- leader traits can have a certain unit type as requirement

- Added 'Sort flank' buttons to Flankdesigner
- Added 'Swap position' buttons to Flankdesigner, you can now move brigades up/down within a flank.
- Brigade types can now have specific sprites set. The game will look for pdxmesh objects named "<brigade name>_sprite".
- If the first brigade in the center flank of a unit has a sprite type specified, that sprite will be used.

- manpower capped at 10 years of manpower income
- when defender reinforces an assault, the assault changes into a normal battle
- forced peace for player when controlling no cities anymore
- fixed Gameplay- Units out of supply wherever it is positioned in the country in peacetime
- tweaked guard costs, build times, supply and frontage

- fixed savegames getting huge

- fixed Balance: AI does not build depots
- ai stop naval invasion tweak
- removed stall in ai army when owner areas mix between hostile and non-hostile
- ai more agressive towards the end