Patch 1.04 pour Time of Fury

9 avril 2013 par Aymdef | Time of Fury | Deuxième guerre mondiale | PC

Patch 1.04 pour Time of Fury

Time of Fury, le fameux wargame de Wastelands Interactive, passe en version 1.04. Celui-ci propose notamment la compatibilité du jeu avec Windows 8, des corrections, une amélioration de l'IA, un équilibrage du gameplay.

Vous pouvez télécharger le patch sur le site de Matrix Games à cette adresse : ou via le menu du jeu.

Patchnote 1.04 :


  • Fixed supply distribution problems for air units.
  • Deleted ghost fleet in Fall Gelb campaign causing the game to crash.
  • ChangeSMP event's method now correctly changes the values of SMP.
  • Entrenchment bonus now removed just after the unit has moved, not at the end of turn.
  • Game can be always running in Quick Start mode as Allies.
  • Fixed display of the Defenders effective strength value.
  • Fixed supply distribution problems.


  • Added new method for events Hex.AddFrozenLandUnitAndPassControlOverHexIfEmpty (int hexX, int hexY, int countryID, int unitType, int unitLevel, int unitStrength, int turnsfrozen, name).

Game Play

  • Soviet effectiveness reduction impact decreased by 50% and probability to recover increased 3 times
  • Winter War most probably end after Soviets capture of Helsinki or Vyborg. (715)
  • Soviets social unrest now will gain 50% hit (was 10%) if Winter War peace won't be accepted. (335) 


  • Nukes are now acquired every four months instead of each month (moddable).
  • Nuclear report added to the reports.


  • AI now uses the Nuclear Bombs more eagerly.