Patch 1.3.0 pour Commander : the Great War

2 avril 2013 par Aymdef | Commander at War | Première guerre mondiale | PC

Patch 1.3.0 pour Commander : the Great War

Commander : the Great War se met à jour et passe en version 1.3.0. Parmi les nouveautés notables, notons que le jeu peut désormais être jouer en Français, Allemand ou Italien. D'autres améliorations permettent d'équilibrer le gameplay et les batailles navales. De plus, les anciens portables qui possèdent la version 1.4 d'OpenGL pourront désormais faire tourner le jeu sans craindre les crashes.

Patchnote 1.3.0 :

Features :

  • OpenGL requirement to play the game has been reduced from 1.5 to 1.4 
  • German, French and Italian language translations and options added to main menu 
  • Loading does not "freeze" UI 
  • Loading screens added with random gameplay tip 

Gameplay changes / balancing :

  • Ship defense increased
  • Port & home attack bonuses reduced
  • 1914 Fleet sizes increased.
  • Naval upgrade costs lowered.
  • German convoys spawn if Entente naval power is broken (or disbanded)
  • DOWs of Entente nations now occur during Entente turn, so they now get the first moves. France & Belgium are excluded from this change.
  • Canadian corps now spawns in a UK port city.
  • Higher ammo cost for Bomber & Airship attacks
  • Fighters now correctly intercept enemy strategic attacks against empty cities.
  • Cities recover faster from damage.
  • Disband refund is 100% in home territory (owned by unit's nation), 50% in friendly non-home territory, and none in enemy territory.
  • Most nations now surrender quicker rather than fighting to the death.
  • Entrenchment no longer stopped when being attacked by enemy (if not forced to retreat).
  • Fighter & Armoured Car LOS increased + cost reduced.
  • Changed France's second capital to Bordeaux
  • Spread Italian PP to a more even distribution
  • Significantly increased Port defensive & offensive bonuses
  • All ships LOS reduced by 1 (not including subs)
  • Changed the Sinai desert to dunes terrain type to make it harder to cross
  • Added Petrograd & Helsinki ports 

Bugfixes :

  • Bug fix that could crash AI
  • Fix for bug which could be achieved by pressed Detach Commander after repairing a unit
  • Improved video decoding
  • Better handling of pbem game creation time-outs
  • Main-menu scroll crash
  • PgUp/Down unit-cycle fix