Patch 1.4.5 pour Expeditions : Conquistador

30 août 2013 par Aymdef | Expeditions : Conquistador | La Conquista | PC - Macintosh

L'excellent Expeditions : Conquistador s'offre une mise à jour via la plateforme Steam et un peu plus tard pour les autres plateformes. Celle-ci fixe un certain nombre de paramètres, corrige des bugs et met à jour le moteur du jeu, l'Unity, qui passe en version 4.2. Toujours pas de Français à l'horizon.

Patchnote 1.4.5 :

- Updated engine to Unity 4.2.
- Implemented missing Evaluation Screen tutorial in all four languages.
- Added an event in Santo Domingo that allows the player to heal injured followers inside that town.
- Changed the Meat calculations from Hunting again: it's now half your full Survival stat rounded up plus 1 Meat for everybody you send to hunt.
- Critical success for hunting: You get your full Survival stat in Meat if your Hunting probability is 5 times higher than the random roll.
- You can now have three Sergeants if you have no Lieutenant, making it possible to promote somebody new past two existing Sergeants.
- Fixed an exploit where moving one step at a time on a path did not count as movement.
- Made the Esteban fight in the mines slightly easier.
- Made the Diversion random guard failure event never trigger until you have at least 600 Total Experience.
- Set up an easier version of the Diversion battle to use in Hispaniola.
- Removed the 1 point Leadership bonus for Veterans and reduced the Lieutenant's bonus from 5 to 4.
- Raised Arquebus damage from 30 to 35 and increased its Crit multiplier from 1.5x to 2x.
- Correspondingly increased the bow's accuracy slightly at long range.
- Raised the maximum shoot distance for bows from 20 to 25.
- Suck It Up now also halves damage taken from spike traps.
- Good Patient now also reduces the injury level after combat by 1 level (to a minimum of Harmless).
- Aim Low proc chance increased from 10% to 20%.
- Scholar movement increased from 4 to 6.
- Soldier base ranged accuracy increased from 30 to 40.
- Warrior base ranged accuracy increased from 40 to 50.
- Fixed a typo "food" instead of "fool".
- Fixed your scout giving you the wrong directions to the Totonac ritual site.
- Fixed a graphical glitch caused by full-screen effects being drawn in the wrong order in Mexico.
- Camera panning is now framerate independent.
- Fixed music starting at maximum before changing to the user selected volume.
- Fixed a typo in Bonita's personal random event.
- Fixed three references to "seven warriors" in the Escaped Slaves event when there are only six.
- Fixed a bunch of choices not being displayed in the Coyotl vs. Cacama random event.
- Fixed typo in the cairn collection goal using the Italian language.
- Fixed bug that prevented from camping at the begining of Mexico.
- Added a new mountain pass marker in Yucatan.
- Reduced the size of an inexplicably huge Go Fishing trigger in inland Mexico.