Patch Grand Strategy 2.10 pour Commander : Europe at War

22 octobre 2012 par Aymdef | Commander at War | Deuxième guerre mondiale | PC et Macintosh

Patch Grand Strategy 2.10 pour Commander : Europe at War

Slitherine et Matrix Games viennent de sortir un gros patch pour leur jeu de stratégie historique MILITARY HISTORY Commander : Europe at War, que nous avions testé sur HistoriaGames (voir le test). Cette nouvelle mise-à-jour apporte, pour les versions PC Windows et Mac OS X, son lot d'amélioration et de nouvelles fonctionnalités.

Ce patch a été crée par la communauté pour la communauté et est proposé gratuitement. Pour le télécharger, rendez-vous ici, prenez bien entendu la bonne version que vous soyez sur PC ou sur Mac.

Patchnote 2.10 :

Historical/Political Changes

  • New prerequisite for Spain activating as Axis ally - USA neutrality
  • Denmark & Norway historically linked for DoW consequences
  • Belgium & Holland countries historically linked for DoW consequences
  • Persia activates if Axis unit moves into Iraq vs capture Iraqi resource
  • French, UK units in France & UK based air units suffer 20 efficiency loss if Belgium surrenders in one turn
  • Persia spawns GARs in all cities if Axis units occupy Iraqi city/resource
  • Allied units restricted in Russia to reflect historical accuracy
  • Britain requires 8 home guard force units in Great Britain to avoid morale loss
  • Owner changed to US for southern convoy when USA joins war

Logistics Changes

  • Game balance measures to control “blob” strategies
  • Major change to rail movement - start must be on or adjacent to resource
  • Major Russian rail (broad gauge) restrictions implemented
  • Increased oil usage for Axis MECH when at tech level 2
  • Maximum SS & Russian Guards reduced for play balance
  • Increased cost of creating new type units when limits are exceeded
  • Starting war efficiency adjusted for all countries
  • Building 3rd lab in a technology requires 3 other areas have a lab
  • German PP at game start increased from 20 to 35
  • German eastern fortresses can spawn in 1942 if Allied units in Germany
  • Allied Atlantic naval presence required at all times to maintain convoy size
  • Finland, Hungry, Romania and Bulgaria war effort better aligned to Axis
  • Partisan spawning divided by 3 in AI games - now matches regular game

Environment Changes

  • Updated hexes in Russia to reflect correct geography
  • Added more rail heads to supplement rail movement rules
  • Reduced average number of severe winter turns from 6 to 5
  • Severe winters % effectiveness change & new general.txt variables
  • Reconnaissance/land spotting reduce by half in winter & severe winter

Unit Changes

  • Germans are allowed to build a paratrooper unit in 1939
  • Russia receives 8 garrison units as strategic reserve - Aug 1, 1941
  • Canadian units spawn at normal quality if UK manpower level is yellow

Game Board Changes

  • New French large counters & unit names historically correct
  • Free French unit color on mini-map made unique
  • Unit stats chart changed - MECH info now with ARM stats
  • New large NATO counter option with detailed information
  • Map board options now allow country, river & lake names
  • Settings file name changed to “gs2_settings.txt”