Crusader Kings II : Legacy of Rome est disponible

16 octobre 2012 par Aymdef | Crusader Kings | Moyen-âge | PC

Crusader Kings 2 : Legacy of Rome est disponible

Et un DLC de plus venant enrichir, ou pas selon les goûts, Crusader Kings II, l'un des meilleurs jeux de stratégie sorties cette années, si ce n'est le meilleur. Répondant au doux nom de Legacy of Rome, celui-ci vient améliorer la faction byzantine ainsi que l'église orthodoxe grâce à l'implantation de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Ce DLC est disponible pour le moment sur GamersGate, GameFly, PCGameStore ou GameStreamer pour 4.99€.

Quatre autres petits DLCs accompagnent Legacy of Rome, mais ceux-ci ne sont pas de grandes importances car ils ajoutent soient des nouveaux thèmes musicaux basés sur la culture byzantine, des nouveaux blasons, des portrait pour les nations africaines ou des skins pour les unités byzantines... Il s'agit de African Portraits DLC, Byzantine Unit pack DLC, Songs of Byzantium DLC et Dynasty Shields II DLC.

À propos de Crusader Kings 2 : Legacy of Rome

The second expansion for the critically praised strategy-RPG Crusader Kings II focuses on the Byzantine Empire.  In the rich political world of Byzantium, the vassals have been scheming. They have split into factions and they are banding together to revolt against your rule.

Legacy of Rome contains a wealth of new features to outsmart them and maintain your empire. The finals breaths of the Roman Empire are in your hands!

Crusader Kings II explores one of the defining periods of world history in an experience crafted by Paradox Development Studio, the masters of Grand Strategy. Medieval Europe is brought to life in this epic game of knights, schemes, and thrones.

  • Explore the Intricate Faction System: Join a faction to put pressure on your liege and to keep track of factions in your own realm 
  • Raise Standing Armies: You will now be able to use retinues to have standing armies in your domain. The size is determined by technology
  • Experience Factional Revolts: No more easily defeated rebellions. Disgruntled vassals will now band together in revolt against your rule
  • Appoint Orthodox Patriarchs: Orthodox kingdoms and empires can now control their own heads of religion instead of being dependent on the patriarch of Constantinople
  • Streamlined Mobilization: You will always raise a single, larger levy from your direct vassal; no need to worry about the opinions of the lower vassals
  • Leader Focus: Appoint your generals wisely, their traits & skills are now of vital importance on the field of battle. More commander traits are now added to increase the importance of your choice of military leaders
  • Explore Byzantine Events & Decisions: Legacy of Rome includes many  specific events & decisions to make the Byzantine Empire come alive
  • Improve Your Ruler: You can now actively strive to improve your skills or traits through the new Self Improvement Ambitions