Patch pour Wargame European Escalation

El Presidente
8 mars

Un nouveau patch est sorti hier soir pour Wargame European Escalation.

Ce patch s'installe automatiquement via votre client Steam. Si ce n'est pas le cas suivez ces instructions :

  • Run Steam and click Library.
  • Right mouse click Wargame: European Escalation and click Properties.
  • Click Updates tab then select 'Always keep this game up to date' and click Close button.

Notes de mise à jour du patch :


  • Readjustment of certain realistic payloads ammunition for armored cars (20-30mm).
  • The minimum range for at least 1 AP damage is reduced: small AP will now have to approach much closer to inflict damage.
  • Fixed issue likely to hit is too high, affecting units level 3 and 4.


  • Availability of Chasseur FAMAS decreases from 32 to 20.
  • Availability of the Legion FAMAS decreases from 16 to 12.
  • Availability of 2e FAMAS REP decreases from 12 to 8.
  • The accuracy of Canon XM-150 of the MBT-70 decreases from 9 to 7.
  • Cost of KPZ 70 has decreased by 5 deployment points.
  • The speed of the UH-1M gunship increases from 175 km/h to 300 km/h. (error that does not take into account the new engines, such as UH-1D).
  • Increased the M150 RoF to put on an equal footing with other vehicles to load external ATGM.
  • Cost of UH-1C Heavy Hog has decreased by 5 deployment points.
  • Cost of UH-1M Gunship has decreased by 5 deployment points.
  • M551 Sheridan Speed increases by 5 km/h.
  • M551A1 Sheridan Speed increases by 5 km/h.
  • Improved optical M551 Sheridan to Normal.
  • Improved optical M551A1 Sheridan to Normal.


  • Decreased range of recoilless Tarasnice (OT-62 OT & TOPS-2A-65 Vydra) to 1000.
  • Cost of T-62M-1 has increased by 5 deployment points.
  • Cost of T-62M-V has increased by 10 deployment points.
  • Cost of Spadochroniarze has increased by 5 deployment points.
  • Availability of Vysadkaru decreases from 20 to 8.
  • Increased the RoF UAZ-469 Konkurs to put on an equal footing with other vehicles to load external ATGM.

NOTICE : If you did the XP SP3 compatibility workaround under windows 7/Vista, it's worth trying to undo that, because we fixed issues concerning this. This will allow you to run DX11 again. DX11 provides higher performance on modern GPUS, plus AntiAliasing compatible SSAO and motion blur.

  • Fix : DX11 crash running with Fraps, TeamSpeak, or other overlays.
  • Fix : Mouse disappearing or clamped to a small region with Windows Vista/7 and font/icon magnification
  • Fix : DX11 crash in some cases.
  • Glitch Fix : Low brightness with graphics settings on Very Low.
  • Glitch Fix : VSync on as default setting.
  • Glitch Fix : Units are not blurred when you use the track cam.
  • Glitch Fix : On some graphics cards, when running DX9, trees and grass were a bit clipped on the top/sides.
  • Glitch Fix : Less flickering when max video memory has been reached.
  • Improvement : Improved tree/grass rendering performance.
  • Improvement : Large performance increase on nvidia graphics cards (up to +60% FPS) when you used
  • Autodetect settings. As a rule, avoid manually setting the Instancing Mode to Hardware Instancing on nvidia cards.
  • Improvement : Tweaks on the graphics settings autodetection.
  • Improvement : The ground quality setting now adjusts the distance at which the trees pop. No need to hack the Option.ini anymore.
  • Improvement : The units are nicer when you run on low/very low graphics settings.
  • Improvement : The game generally uses a bit less video memory - so it will tolerate better graphics settings on powerful but low memory GPUs.
  • Improvement : The outgame GUI FPS is largely increased on old GPUs.
  • Improvement : The objects and textures appear faster on dual core systems.
  • Compatibility : If for some reason, the game fails to boot on DX11 under vista/7, it will show a dialog box allowing you to run in default settings mode with DX9 (DX11 can be enabled again through the options menu).
  • Compatiblity : Better crossfire support with DX9 under Vista/7.
  • Compatiblity : Disappearing trees fixed on NVidia 7xxx series.
  • Compatiblity : Shadows fixed on NVidia 7xxx series.
  • Geek Stuff : you can disable the Camera Flare in the Option.ini if you really want to. (RenderLensFlare = false)