Patch 1.1.05 Pour King Arthur II

El Presidente
Légendes arthuriennes
10 février

Un cinquième patch pour King Arthur II : The Role-Playing Wargame vient de sortir. Celui-ci corrige quelques bugs mais les problèmes liés à l'optimisation ne semblent toujours pas régler. Peut-être pour le prochain...

Notes de mise à jour du patch 1.1.05 :

  • Knights of the Lights Leadership cost fixed
  • Summerborn and Winterbreed units recruitment cost and skills fixed
  • Damage boosting skills fixed (e.g. Voice of the Shadows – properly boosts shadow damage)
  • Experience points balancing
  • Red Knight battle nerfed
  • Huge Demon shooting defense buffed
  • Wounds of the Land Objective fixed
  • Heroes of Eboracum battle buffed
  • Morgawse, Dal Riata and Pictland ruler naming fixed
  • Buildings increasing HP and Damage fixed
  • Slider not showing up when selecting units from three armies fixed
  • Artifact giving the same bonus twice works properly
  • Defeating Fomorian armies gives reputation properly to the appropriate Rulers
  • Research items bug fixed
  • Some trait bugs fixed
  • Units that have no skills to choose at levelling does not display the golden wreath anymore.
  • Experienced retainers skill fixed
  • Drag and drop from Artifact Forge slots fixed
  • Castle location provides Leadership even if the liege lord is a secondary hero 
  • Equipped two-handed weapon visually denies the other weapon slot
  • Location slot issue fixed
  • Arm bonuses from Locations fixed
  • Multiple battle warnings issue fixed
  • Diplomacy warnings at dead rulers fixed
  • Flashing unit circles in battles (at selecting direction) fixed
  • Accumulated units at selecting direction fixed
  • Leadership issues fixed
  • Magic Shield boosting at AI armies and Shield boosting spells for AI heroes added
  • Mana of the AI heroes on high levels buffed
  • 1280*1024 resolution GUI problems fixed
  • Missing pictures for forged artifacts added

Problèmes connus - correction en cours :

  • Proper pop-up info about casted spells (Spellpower)
  • Seelie Council Guards model
  • Wyrmligs high tier model
  • Wrong characters in the name of some enemy heroes
  • Missing textures on two battlefields
  • Wrong surface on two battlefields
  • Increased and more proper AI spell usage (e.g. Dispel)
  • Desperate Mobs bug
  • William Pendragon’s Grail Shard skill bug
  • Warlocks of Morgawse quest issue
  • Giants of Morgawse quest issue