AGEOD fusionne avec Slitherine et Matrix Games, et un nouveau jeu en préparation pour 2013

6 décembre 2012 par Aymdef | AGEOD

AGEOD fusionne avec Slitherine et Matrix Games, et un nouveau jeu en préparation pour 2013

Le célèbre studio français AGEOD vient de fusionner, tel Sangoku et Végéta, avec Slitherine et Matrix Games. Oui, comme Sangoku et Végéta, les deux héros de Dragon Ball - qui n'ont rien à faire sur un site de jeux vidéo historique vous allez me dire - cette fusion va permettre à l'entreprise, qui garde sa propre identité et sa french touch, de grandir avec deux des grands éditeurs/développeurs de wargame, en proposant notamment des versions boîtes de leur jeu, beaucoup plus efficacement.

AGEOD garde sa structure et son forum et continuera de développer des jeux sur leur moteur AGE. D'ailleurs, un nouveau jeu est d'ores et déjà prévu pour 2013. Les fans de la guerre de Sécession seront ravis d'apprendre qu'il s'agit d'Ageod American Civil War 2, la suite d'AGEOD American Civil War qui a connu un fort succès à sa sortie en 2007.

Voici, l'annonce qui a été faite sur le forum d'AGEOD :

Dear players,
Christmas is always a season full of gifts and surprises, plus there is this story about a newborn child, right? As such, we are pleased to announce two big news to you!

AGEOD has been reborn! The new AGEOD consists of the existing team (Philippe Thibaut aka PhilThib, Philippe Malacher aka Pocus, Fernando Turi aka Generalisimo and Gilles Pfeiffer aka the Dark Pepper), and is merging with Slitherine and Matrix!

Yes, you heard it, we have managed to form this triangle of wargaming expertise. Each entity will maintain its own identity, with the specific touch of each studio staying as the directing line for their new games. Basically it means that the AGEOD team will work on the AGE Engine, as before (one more turn syndrome? yes please!). 

What does it changes for you? Only for the best. The AGEOD Forum stays the same, you can still buy our games at our webshop. You are still encouraged to mod our games, or even contact us if you think a project of yours would be a great game project. But there is more, with Matrix now a partner, we will be able to supply a full boxed copy of all our games. With the additional resources that the merger provides we have over 250 years of experience developing strategy games. This will allow us to share knowledge and technology to go on creating great games. In future the plan is to incorporate the Matrix system to allow unlimited downloads and installs as often as you like 

Oh, I almost forgot something that might be of interest to you... Our next game, due in 2013 is Ageod American Civil War 2. I'm sure you'll want to know more about it, so don't hesitate to fire your questions...

Smoothbore or rifled, as you prefer