Patch 1.4.24706 pour Stronghold 3

El Presidente
18 novembre

Le quatrième patch pour Stronghold 3 est maintenant disponible. Entre autres corrections de bugs et problèmes de stabilité, celui s'attarde plus particulièrement sur le gameplay en ajoutant des niveaux de difficulté et le mode multijoueur : Le roi de la Colline. Le patch 1.4.24706 se télécharge et s'installe automatiquement avec votre client Steam.

Note de mise à jour du patch 1.4.24706 :

  • 3 difficulty levels have been added. Easy, Normal and Hard. Some of the changes affect food consumption rates, along with troop numbers depending on the campaign you are playing
  • New multiplayer mode King of the Hill added
  • Several Exit game crashes fixed. This may still occur very occasionally
  • Animals will no longer count as enemies and therefore no longer block building placement
  • Added the ability to make buildings rotate by 45 degrees. Hold down CTRL when a building is selected and scroll the mouse wheel
  • Sound system cache uses far less memory, which therefore means Stronghold 3 uses less overall
  • Pathfinding on top of repaired walls should now function correctly
  • Damaged walls repair correctly after loading a save
  • Scroll wheel should now reveal all screen resolutions in the graphics options rather than having to pull slider down
  • Several Crashes resolved
  • Various small bug fixes