Patch du 8 décembre pour Red Orchestra 2 : Heroes of Stalingrad

El Presidente
9 décembre

Un nouveau petit patch est venu corriger Red Orchestra 2 : Heroes of Stalingrad. Se téléchargeant et s'installant automatiquement via Steam, ce patch corrige quelques soucis encore persistants, améliore la stabilité général pour tous les joueurs et ajoute un nouveau succès "Fighting The War on Christmas" qui manquera pas de satisfaire les collectionneurs de Succès Steam.

Note de la mise à jour du 8 décembre de Red Orchestra 2 : Heroes of Stalingrad :

General :

  • New achievement Fighting The War on Christmas - Participate in a successful territory capture on Commissars House
  • Improved CPU performance for all players
  • Spectators will now respect the server's roaming restrictions if the viewed player is killed
  • Fixed occasional crash when changing teams in the role selection menu
  • Weapon upgrades that have been unlocked no longer have a lock icon next to them in the profile menu

Countdown :

  • There is now a 5 second timeout after using a reinforcement wave in countdown. This addresses problems where several waves get used up at once
  • If the last player alive is still bleeding out they will now be able to live out their last few seconds before the round ends

Territory :

  • Fixed the round end screen not displaying if the spawn select menu is open

Server :

  • Servers that become unranked will now attempt to become ranked again after the map changes. We are still working on fully solving the issue with some servers going unranked, but this will help improve the issue