Patch 2.14 pour Advanced Tactics : Gold

21 mars 2013 par Aymdef | Advanced Tactics | Deuxième guerre mondiale | PC

Patch 2.14 pour Advanced Tactics : Gold

Une nouvelle mise à jour majeure pour Advanced Tactics : Gold, le Wargame au tour par tour de VR Designs sorti il y a 2 ans. Celui-ci propose de nombreuses améliorations et ajouts au jeu. Parmi les nouvelles fonctionnalités, notons l'ajout de commandants qui peuvent gagner des niveaux en engrangeant de l'expérience.

Vous pouvez télécharger le patch via le menu du jeu en sélectionnant "Check for Update" ou bien en vous rendant sur le site de Matrix Games :

Patchnote 2.14 :


  • Random commanders and an officer pool have been added. They have been added in a separate new random game module called "New Dawn". 
  • Each people has its own naming lists and portraits, so the Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, French, Russian, Arab, Japanese and Chinese people all have their own unique looking officers. With some variety in initial stats.
  • Commanders can gain levels with experience. Levels bring higher combat and morale bonuses and can also bring the commander action cards and feats.
  • Feats provide free bonuses now and then; cards provide bigger bonuses at a time of your choosing and special actions, but come with some danger when played. It’s possible for a commander to be killed or wounded playing them.
  • Since there is no art budget for adding truly new features to a game over 2 years old I would really like to thank graphic artist and volunteer extraordinaire Mike Gaffney. The commanders would never have looked as great as they do without the great artwork he provided. I cannot stress enough how much volunteer work like this is appreciated.
  • "Operational Planning" card that gives all units attached to HQs attached to the HQ playing the card a bonus of 0-20% off/def based on level of the officer.
  • "Organise Wargames" card that gives all leaders attached to HQs attached to the HQ playing the card an experience point boost of 20-100 experience points based on the level of the leader in question.
  • "Recon Operations" card that gives all units attached to HQs attached to the HQ playing the card a multiplication of their recon points at their present location.
  • Added an editor tab that allows you to relatively easily create some leaders for any ATG rule-set scenario by replacing the master with the New Dawn master.
  • Already did one such small scenario conversion, you can find it in NEWDAWN/ directory.
  • Game allows renaming of officers but this can be disabled by setting rulevar 906 
  • Officers show up in OOB window. 
  • You can create a new HQ without a leader. 
  • Officer pool accessible if selecting HQ without officer. 
  • You can move a general (dismiss) to the officer pool without replacing him. 
  • 3 Extra options added to the random game setup menu: no farmlands, no suburban areas and higher production cost. 


  • Max staff support of commander is shown in transfer window so you can fine-tune your transfer of staff to HQs 
  • Editor request: New event picture is auto-loaded as systempgraphics/trans.bmp 
  • Explained rebels and volunteers card a bit better in description on card 
  • No mention of staff points anymore in interface (only in editor) to improve clarity of rules. 
  • Leaders have more staff points. 
  • Bit slower leveling for leaders 
  • You can change command of empty units without loss of leader cards. 
  • Lower base chance on death or wounded when playing cards and even lower chance when officer levels up. 
  • Mouse over on MXSTF shows a little bit more info. 
  • Random games now always have each player get equal number of start cities. 
  • Strategic map looks nicer on really large maps.

Bug Fixes:

  • Navy production ends up with ally bug fixed. 
  • Loaded on transport HQ link crash. 
  • Ships can never be strategically transported, not even at insane costs. 
  • New production now starts with base morale of the regime. 
  • Officer pool stats issue fixed. 
  • Bug with recon and seeing contents of enemy HQ fixed. 
  • Fixed a minor bug with rebel card. 
  • Production lines cancelled message when playing officer card message fixed.