Patch 0.801 pour Caribbean!

21 mai 2014 par Aymdef | Caribbean! | La piraterie | PC

Patch 0.801 pour Caribbean!

Les développeurs russes proposent aujourd'hui un premier patch pour la version anticipée de Caribbean! avec au programme des améliorations et des corrections comme vous pouvez le voir sur la liste ci-dessous.

N'hésitez pas à consulter la preview de Lyrik par ICI.

New / Changes :

- Improved water display.
- Increased default speed for naval combat.
- Changed balance for the damage done in naval combat.
- Changed balance for firearms (reduced firing range).
- Improved functionality for sails controls.
- Possibility to sell a ship in the repair and ship purchase interface.
- Possibility to join one of the factions or remain independent at the start of the game.
- Amount of the gold earned in battle now depends on the player’s renown.
- Player’s purchases and sales no longer affect the prices of goods in the world.
- Ability to plunder cities without creating your own faction.
- Improved sky reflection in the sea on the strategic map.
- Fixed in-game text in a few places.
- Fixed conditions for the starting quest.
- Balance changes for ships in naval combat.

Fixed :

- Initial entrypoints for boarding locations.
- DirectX 7 option is now blocked in launcher and game settings.
- Player getting random messages about hired soldiers, like ‘Pirates you ordered has been made available”.
- Log errors caused by capturing a city while being in a faction.
- Bug that caused the game to see male characters as female ones.
- Mouse cursor bug appearing in one of the village locations.
- Loot screen is no longer showed if there isn’t any loot after the battle.
- Bug that caused enemy fleet to remain on the strategic map after its defeat.
- Player will now leave his own faction if his last city is captured.
- Repeated request for joining a faction.
- Incorrect Dutch flag.
- Inability to engage enemy in naval battle if there’s few sailors on the ship.
- Player’s starting position during the siege.
- Speed parameter of Cavalry Broadsword.
- Some bugs in boarding locations.
- Hiring of continental soldiers.