Sortie de Unity of Command sur Mac

6 mars 2012 par Aymdef | Unity of Command | Deuxième guerre mondiale - Font de l'Est | Macintosh

Unity of Command, le wargame au tour par tour, sorti en novembre 2011 sur PC, est désormais disponible pour les possesseurs d'un Mac. Pour rappel, le jeu vous propose de participer à la terrible campagne de Stalingrad du côté de la Wehrmacht ou de l'armée soviétique durant la seconde guerre mondiale.

Unity of Command a récolté de très bonnes critiques de la part de la presse spécialisée à travers le monde (9/10 sur PC4WAR, 85% sur 7id Gaming, 8/10 sur Strategy Informer). Il est disponible à 29,99$ en téléchargement sur les sites des éditeurs Matrix Games et Slitherine ou des développeurs 2x2 Games, ou bien sur Gamersgate.

À propos de Unity of Command :

In 1942, a titanic struggle is reaching its climax in the boundless, trackless expanses of southern Russia. The stakes cannot be higher as you take command of battle-hardened Wehrmacht or massive Red Army forces to decide the fate of an entire continent.

Unity of Command lets you replay the epic conflict that was the Stalingrad Campaign of World War II. In this turn-based game of strategy and cunning, observe how opportunity leads the German army to advance recklessly into the steppes of southern Russia. And as the story unfolds, join the Soviet campaign to repel the invaders... As these legendary battles play out on the hex board, the tension of decision making and difficulties of conducting operations on a massive scale emerge. Command armies and fronts in maneuver warfare, thrust and encircle, capture cities and cross continents; but never, ever forget to watch your supply lines.

Experience the highly fluid, enormously large battles of maneuver in a turn-based strategy setting. Take command in this mobile, back-and-forth sort of war where logistics and poor weather are often the decider, and defeat and victory are sometimes just a mile, or a day, apart.

  • Fast, flowing and accessible gameplay inspired by the style of the Panzer General series
  • Accurate yet approachable gameplay mechanics with operational-level units (Axis divisions, Soviet corps)
  • Around 20 detailed scenarios, Axis and Soviet, at the scale of 20km per hex, 4 days per turn
  • Campaign mode that sets historical and what-if scenarios in strategic context
  • Sophisticated weather model, with detailed per-hex weather
  • Innovative supply system, providing for exciting battles of encirclement and breakout
  • Belligerent and aggressive AI that knows how to counterattack and threaten supply lines
  • Integrated “History Mode” for after-action replays
  • Multiplayer via the Internet
  • Moddable content (everything is open)
  • Novel combined arms system: attach specialist steps to divisions and corps to enhance a variety of attributes of the unit
  • Specialist steps available for: heavy artillery, heavy Tiger and KV-1 tanks, 88mm Flak guns, NKVD blocking detachments, Italian Blackshirts and more