Patch 1.05 pour Strategic Command : World War One 1914-1918

El Presidente
18 mai

Le patch 1.05 est maintenant disponible pour Strategic Command : World War One 1914-1918, le jeu de stratégie au tour par tour de Fury Software et Ce patch comprend de nombreuses améliorations de l'IA, du moteur de jeu et des campagnes dont certaines ont été proposées par la communauté.

Notes de la mise à jour 1.05 :

Key New Features include:

  • An option to pause the video during E-Mail game replays
  • The 'L' Hotkey can now be used to review summaries from the previous turn as many times as desired.
  • Recon aircraft will now be able to spot whether or not enemy commerce raiders are still in their previously suspected locations.

Key Improvements to the Main WWI Campaigns:

  • The terrain around Lemberg and Przemysl has been amended to better reflect the geography of the area, and this will lead to even stiffer fighting for these fortresses in 1914.
  • The British now have an option to accept or reject an armistice with the Ottomans when the latter's National Morale has fallen to a low level. If the British reject an armistice, then they will face a tougher struggle, but ultimately success will end in the total surrender of the Ottoman Empire.

Key Improvements to 1939 Storm over Europe:

  • A significant change to the defence of France, as French National Morale will now suffer if a British Expeditionary Force isn't sent to France. Coupled with this, sending a large British force to France will actually boost French National Morale. Thus the fate of France is now in British hands more than ever before!
  • Germany now has the option to form the 7th Luftwaffe Division in 1939 ready for use in Poland, or for an early attack on France or elsewhere!
  • And much more, including bug fixes and AI enhancements...