Une démo et un patch pour Conflict of Heroes

21 décembre 2012 par Aymdef | Conflict of Heroes | Deuxième guerre mondiale | PC

Une démo et un patch pour Conflict of Heroes

Bien qu'il soit sorti en mai 2012, l'honnête wargame tactique au tour par tour Conflict of Heroes : Awakening the Bear (voir notre test) se voit proposer depuis hier une démo, vous permettant de vous faire un avis sur le jeu grâce à 3 scénarios du jeu. La démo est téléchargeable sur le site de l'éditeur Matrix Games (www.matrixgames.com).

La démo vous permettra également de voir les nouveautés apporter par le patch 1.14 dont voici le patchnote ci-dessous. Le patch 1.14 inclut les patchs 1.6 à 1.12 et se télécharge également sur le site de Matrix Games (www.matrixgames.com).


  • Fixes
    • A few Bug fixes.


  • Fixes
    • AI units sometimes attacking too many times.
    • AI moving tanks into terrain which is likely to get them stuck.
  • Additions
    • You can now change your game options from the lobby screen using the new "Options" button.
    • There is a new button in the CAPs area that allows you to set CAP spending on your initiative roll made at the start of your next turn.
    • Added preference for smaller unit information bar.
    • Added basic support for campaigns.  Players can now advance all surviving units between multiple firefights.  Surviving units have a chance to gain experience; this chance is 50% for green units and 10% less for every higher level of experience, so that veteran units have only a 10% chance of becoming elite.  Surviving units are available in the new firefight as reinforcements that enter on the first turn in the standard point buy setup area ("GermanSetup" or "RussianSetup").
      Note that we don't yet have any firefights that use these parameters.
      In the scenario XML file use these tags:
      • GetPiecesFromCampaignName - name of scenario from which to import pieces (from the XML name tag, not the file name)
      • CampaignGainExperienceFactor - multiplies the chance that units moving to a new firefight will gain experience (e.g., setting this to 2 will make green units have a 100% chance to gain experience, veteran units a 20% chance to become elite)


  • Fixes
    • Fixed crash when using Command Action to hide a unit or group.
    • Fixed extra cost for uphill movement.
    • Fixed AI bug for unloading units.
  • Improvements
    • USER INTERFACE:  'L' key now shows a line of sight display from the hex under the mouse cursor.  An eyeball icon appears on the hex from with the LOS display is calculated.  Press L over a new hex to move the display to that hex; press L over the hex with the eyeball in it to turn the overlay display off.
    • USER INTERFACE:  Added tooltip to show unit stats over unit buttons during the reinforcement phase.
    • Board Game Maps!  Available separately through our Members Club, these are new maps and a new lighting system that allows the Conflict of Heroes computer game to look almost exactly like the board game map.  We've heard from many Conflict of Heroes board game players that they would like this option and we are delivering.  For the official release of this update, these maps will be available through an in-game option.  For now, you will need to download the additional file and unzip the contents with paths (the files go in /Data/Maps) to your Conflict of Heroes installation folder.  For this beta release, if you download and unzip these files, they will replace the normal 3D maps.  For the official release, both will be available.
    • New High Resolution Dynamic Counters!  The option to play with the board game counters has been significantly enhanced.  We've added new high resolution counters with dynamic unit statistics that reflect any damage or other effects that are currently on the unit as well.  Please give these a try and let us know how you like them!