Patch 1.02 pour Time of Fury

El Presidente
14 août

Tous les fans de Time of Fury seront ravis d'apprendre la sortie du patch 1.02 qui propose de nouvelles fonctionnalités, ainsi que des améliorations de gameplay, de l'interface et de l'IA.

Pour obtenir cette mise à jour, vous pouvez le télécharger via le menu du jeu.

Changelog 1.02 :

Fixes :

  • All icons on the battle window now moved correctly together with the window.
  • Fixed wrong trigger in lend lease event for Soviet Union. (9201)
  • Fixed wrong entry in CRT for land battle attacker losses with odds 7 to 1.
  • Fixed error in splitting units, now they can be split properly according to the unit’s level
    and technological level.
  • Mulberry harbors are now saving and loading properly.
  • Small fixes to adjust GUI.
  • Fixed problem with doubled convoys routes.
  • Fixed typos in couple of events.
  • Fixed wrong assigned unit types in events for Germany.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • DAL units are now popping up properly.
  • Fixed additional information in sprites plus units' skin.
  • Fixed problems with declaring war by AI to allied nations.
  • Mulberries are now ignoring supply rules as sources of supply.
  • Description clarifying end of tutorial.
  • Fixed problems with wrong distribution of supply for units supplied via convoys.
  • Fixed CTD caused by the AI trying to garrison cities already occupied by the allied unit.[/ul]

Features :

  • Possibility to scroll reports one by one with the arrows.
  • Added new modifier changing effectiveness of armored units in cities (both defending
    and attacking).
  • Added visible range for air units.
  • Possible to check the range after rebase of selected air unit, by holding the SHIFT button
    when selecting rebase target.
  • Possibility to fully reinforce air units by pressing L button.
  • Possibility to check hexes where the amphibious invasion is possible by pressing F9.
  • Pressing TAB, also now selects air units with movement points.
  • Air superiority is now visible, which allows planning air operations and redirect fighters
    to protect the sky.
  • Pressing CTRL + TAB will now select previous unit.
  • Safe distance modifier for the air units now moved to consts.ini file.
  • Fighters can now be turned off from performing interception.
  • Increased speed of enemy turn, now the game is not going to wait for information about
    enemy units (like reinforcements etc)
  • Most of the reports are now jumping to the event location.
  • New upkeep system implemented, now the cost of upkeep threshold is calculated based
    on the unit’s strength, not unit’s number.
  • Cost of repairing naval group is now visible.
  • Fleet is now supporting convoys with following rules: If an STP is going to be lost by
    raiders activity, every group in fleets which are operating in the same Sea Zone where the
    attack has been made, which are set to engage mode has got chance to 'save' STP
    destroyed by raider. Chances for specific units are: Carrier 5%, Battleship 2%, Cruiser
    3%, Light Carrier 2%, Escort Carrier 4%, Fleet Carrier 6%, Small Battleship 1%, Battle
    cruiser 2%, Super Battleship 3%, Heavy Cruiser 3%, Light Cruiser 2%, Auxiliary Cruiser
    1%, Long Range submarine 1%.
  • Possibility to lock maximum effectiveness for land units. Country customizable through
    consts.ini files.

Gameplay :

  • Changes supply system. Now units are taking supply from the city which will provide
    them highest amount of supply instead of nearest city.
  • Confiscated vehicles event now also set to be triggered for human player also
  • Paradrop basic range value, reduced to 9 (was 12).
  • Friendly units adjacent to the defender, now are supporting the defending unit with % of
    own strength.
  • Changedvalues for air strike on sea zone effectively, now chances for double losses are:
    default 13%, Germany 11%, UK and USA 18%; now chances for destroying enemy
    vessels are: default 6%, Germany 5%, UK and USA 7%.


  • Game won't run in windowed mode equal to desktop display resolution.
  • Next and Previous units buttons added.
  • Added icon informing about units ready to deploy.

AI :

  • French AI in 1939 campaigns will now attack the enemies.
  • AI fleets now reduces time on sea of its fleets.
  • Now possible to override the AI to perform amph assault despite lack of advantage in the
    sea zone.
  • The AI will try not to use the armored units for garrisoning the cities.
  • AI will now reduce the number of units concentrated behind the front.
  • English vessels more willing to avoid enemy bombers.
  • USA AI will now try to land in Africa as long as not at war with USSR (5330)
  • AI will consider reinforcements earlier (90% of strength instead of 98%)

Events :

  • New event method added Country.GetOverrideNavalSupremacy (int countryID, int value)
  • New event method added Country.SetOverrideNavalSupremacy (int countryID, int value)
  • End of Vichy event now trigger more randomly (15247)
  • FirePartisans event method is now working on the same country.