Patch 1.11 pour Combat Mission : Battle for Normandy

7 décembre 2012 par Aymdef | Combat Mission | Deuxième guerre mondiale | PC et Macintosh

Patch 1.11 pour Combat Mission : Battle for Normandy

Battlefront vient de mettre un nouveau patch pour les versions PC Windows et Mac OS X de Combat Mission : Battle for Normandy. Ce patch 1.11 propose des améliorations ainsi que des corrections de bugs, mais également une amélioration des shaders et des performances pour la version Mac.

Ce patch s'installe sur les précédentes versions du jeu (1.0, 1.01 et 1.10) et fonctionne aussi pour le module Commonwealth Forces.

Le patch 1.11 pour la version PC Windows se télécharge sur ces sites :

Le patch 1.11 pour la version Mac OS X se télécharge sur ces sites :

Patchnote 1.11 :

  • Corrected crashes related to barbed wire units.
  • Corrected a rare crash/hang problem in WeGo "blue bar" calculation.
  • Corrected the occasional failure of "buddy aid" to retrieve useful ammo from fallen comrades, and accidentally to adopt their targeting orders.
  • Corrected a problem that sometimes made fortifications too hard or too easy to spot.
  • Panther "shot trap" on the lower turret mantlet (potentially) deflects shots downward into the hull as expected.
  • British 95mm HEAT shell has correct amount of internal explosive (reduced from before).
  • Corrected a problem in WeGo mode that sometimes caused vehicle passengers to rotate forward when they should not.
  • TCP/IP "chat" text is easier to see clearly.
  • Teams that are part of a squad properly retain their setup positions from the editor.
  • SPW 250/10 and 251/9 halftrack loaders perform correctly when vehicle is buttoned.
  • Wood bunkers are a bit tougher to knock out.
  • Corrected a problem that sometimes gave on-map artillery the ability to shoot through intervening terrain.
  • Corrected a problem that sometimes incorrectly restricted on-map artillery from firing smoke missions.
  • Targeting a TRP directly using the mouse works correctly.
  • Corrected a problem that occasionally caused a destroyed building to have "floating" rubble.
  • Prone soldiers on a slope angle their bodies correctly.
  • Bolt-action rifles properly show the spent casing ejected when the bolt is operated.
  • Corrected an issue with command & control values being promptly updated when splitting a squad.
  • Tiny explosions don't damage tank tracks so much.
  • Corrected some AI issues that caused soldiers to move away from their teams, or caused the team to be "stuck" and not move when they should.
  • In the editor, hedges allow co-placement of trees like bocage does.
  • Light wounds to crew are slightly more likely to cause AFV bailout.
  • Corrections made to Luftwaffe and Waffen SS camouflage helmets.
  • Updated graphical shaders.
  • Updated vehicle models (Commonwealth module): Wespe, PzII Lynx, Marder I, King Tiger, Jagdpanther, Cromwell, Churchill.

On the Mac side, there were Mac specific graphical and stability fixes:

  • Fixed "blockheads" problem.
  • Increased performance significantly for most Macs.
  • Fixed some bugs that were keeping Combat Mission from starting on some Macs.
  • Improved compatibility with some integrated Mac video cards.
  • Fixed "flickering icons" for most Macs.
  • Fixed some Mac-specific crash bugs.