Patch 0.970 pour The Few

2 août 2013 par Aymdef | The Few | Deuxième guerre mondiale - Front de l'Ouest | PC - Macintosh

Patch 0.970 pour The Few

BlackMoon Design propose aujourd'hui un patch pour The Few, le jeu de stratégie en temps réel basé sur la bataille d'Angleterre durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, disponible à 5.99€ sur ThotPlaza (

Ce patch 0.970 rend un peu plus facile la campagne notamment au début de la partie et un système d'aide a été ajouté au jeu.

Lorsque vous lancez le jeu, un message vous indique de télécharger le patch.

Patchnote 0.970 :

New features and tweaks in this version:
- The campaign is much easier (at least in the beginning)
- Help system has been added
- All the text in the tutorial have the voice over now
- List of people that help us with the game has been updated in the Credits section
- German squadrons abort their missions and head back home when their losses are huge
- Bailing out can lead to the pilot being missed in action (especially when pilots bails out over the sea) 
- The intelligence report will show the list of the Luftwaffe squadrons 
- More polish voice overs
- There are animations on the side panel indicating which of your aircraft has been hit
- Formation lines have some more informations on them (ie. who's the leader and who's the wingman)
- Squadrons on the map have a small marks indicating the direction the squadron is flying

Fixed bugs:
- When "Plane Information" is open, the game pauses automatically 
- "Q" and "E" keys have the same function on the map and in the airfight (thanks to Mikolaj Demkow)
- "Fastforward" button reacts on "Press & Release outside" (thanks to Mikolaj Demkow)
- The notifications are gone when you restart/reload the game
- You are not being shown the player list if there's only one player
- When squadron finishes the air fight without planes - all the surviving pilots are send to reserve
- Airfield being attacked by fighters sound added
- Pilots voice volume is being saved
- In the Airfight, the status led is not affected by the fuel level