Patch 1.1.06 Pour King Arthur II

El Presidente
Légendes arthuriennes
24 février

Cela faisait quelques semaines que nous n'avions pas eu de patch pour King Arthur II : The Role-Playing Wargame, le jeu de stratégie/jeu de rôle. Ce nouveau patch 1.1.06 corrige certains bugs et améliores certaines fonctionnalités. Il se télécharge et s'installe automatiquement via votre client Steam.

Notes de mise à jour du patch 1.1.06 pour King Arthur II :

  • Corrosive Bile skill fixed
  • Popup does not appear when Leadership drops below the total requirement (the excess units are grey and do not fight in battles)
  • Extreme Morality bonuses (over 20) fixed
  • "Upload" expression changed
  • Opposing traits of the Ladies fixed
  • Retreating from the Guardian of a Nether Gate fixed
  • The Tomb of the Emperor Objective bug fixed (if the Western gate solved as last in “The Immortals” Objective)
  • Fixed bugs at closing Nether Gates
  • Stronghold locations bug fixed
  • AI units cannot learn morality skills of the player anymore
  • Lair type location modifiers fixed
  • The popup of combat stats (Damage, HP, etc.) lists the bonuses from Promotions and Morality separately
  • The popup of Fiefdoms (on the Fiefdom List and the Hero screen) lists the type of the Locations in the province
  • The popup of Locations on the Location List provides the description of the Location
  • Clicking a Fiefdom icon moves the camera to the chosen province 
  • Sir Galahad never gets killed by any raiding Fomorian army anymore
    (Saved games having such situation are retroactively fixed by spawning another Sir Galahad army and restarting the Grail Knight Objective.)
  • Tear in the Veil bug fixed (grants Leadership discount to all special units)
  • Teleports and some other special locations appear on the Minimap
  • Buttons for activating/deactivating icons on the Minimap are available (above the Minimap)
  • Adventures of Sir Balan Objective fixed (Army of King Alwick bug)
  • Right-clicking on one of the Main Hero icons at the top of the Campaign Map GUI selects the army without moving the camera. Left-clicking remains unchanged.
  • “Army changing trick” at the Artifact Store fixed
  • Buying Artifacts at Traders is available without hero(es) at the location. Such Artifacts arrive to the Artifact Store.

Problèmes connus en cours de correction :

  • Beast Master skill
  • Path finding issue when an enemy army blocks the one and only route
  • At Delegate quests, the popup of the End Turn button should read as "A delegate is waiting for you."
  • Resurrection spell popup information
  • Knights of the Light units skills
  • Tier 2 Elmet Legionaries and the Fomori Slayer skill